WHITE BIRD — This week is proving to be filled with fun packed events for all ages and the place to be is White Bird! Have you seen the “Little People” welcoming everyone to town – they are really cute!

The library is getting ready for the 2018 edition of the calendar. We want the information of our community calendar to be as accurate as possible. If you received a call from Linda, please return her call to update any family data. We hope to post a list of households at the library that Linda has not reached. If you are one of them or have any information about them, call 839-2329. The 2018 calendar theme will be Western Cowboys, so this should be a great fund-raiser for the library.

As we gather to celebrate this coming weekend, there will also be a celebration of the White Bird Battle as the Nez Perce Tribe will hold a ceremony on June 17 at the White Bird Battlefield. This begins about 8 a.m., at the intersection of Free Use Road on old Highway 95. It will last about 45-60 minutes and is open to the public. Bring lawn chairs, water, sunscreen and hats to this outdoor activity.

Friday will begin the start of the weekend, welcoming visitors to town, vendors in town, rodeo starting at 6:15 p.m., and then the Hitmen will be playing downtown. They need volunteers starting at 7 a.m., to get the stuff set up downtown. Come help and take pride in the celebration.

Saturday starts with the Cowboy Breakfast, sponsored by the Rodeo Committee at the IOOF Hall. Join them for pancakes, ham, eggs and beverage, all for a small price. Raffle tickets and insulated tumblers will be on sale as this is their fund-raiser for the rodeo. Then it’s time for Adventure Idaho “Living the Good Life” with the annual parade winding through town along with Anna and friends doing the announcing this year. There is still time to get your entries in to Danielle at 839-2457.

Pie in the Park begins at 9 a.m., until sold or all gone. There will be a queen luncheon after the parade for all visiting royalty, the Duck Derby and, of course, the famous horse pucky contest where if the horse “poops” on your name you win. Three places will be given out for this. The Salmon River Art Guild will be in the front of the IOOF Hall for their art sale and a round robin of artists painting a picture to be won afterwards. Once again don’t’ forget the many vendors, flea market sales and the great sales, as the Canyon House will be holding specials on Saturday and Sunday. Then the Antique Store will be holding their sale Thursday thru Saturday and Pat says, “Flea market is almost full – call me soon!” 839-2619. The games will be held at the WBARD (old school) with some new games and great ones returning, all starting after the parade. Then head for the Rodeo Arena at 3 p.m., with Smokey Bear and the stick horse races, mutton bustin’ at 3:45 p.m., steer riding at 4:45 p.m., and the rodeo begins at 5 p.m. Don’t forget the Eh Capa Bareback Riders will be in the parade and performing at the rodeo. This is a great group of kids that perform with no saddles or bridles, but do use a neck rein and knee commands only. To cap the day off, you can join the Hitmen again downtown after the rodeo.

Then if you still have the energy on Sunday, June 18, join them at the Sand Castle (just north of the old school) for the second annual croquet tournament. Preliminary matches are 2-4 p.m., with final matches beginning at 4 p.m. Awards will be given in three divisions. Contact Paul Sand at 839-9403 for information.

If I have missed anything, just ask around town and they will tell you what’s going on or where to be!!

Birthday wishes go out to Joyce McCool, Zona Moore, Evelyn DeWitt, Marcus Eidel, and yes, yours truly Toni Baker, Carol Martin, Evan Eckman, Wink Bevill, Rick Prewett, Rachael Claar, and Beth Plagmann.

In memory of Roy Cash.

Anniversaries for the week are Carl and Gretta Killgore, and Phillip and Starla Liggins.

TidBits: Remember that Flag Day is June 14 so if you are proud to be an American – proudly display the flag for all to see. The 18th is Father’s Day so remember all the dads out there, give them a hug and tell them they are doing a great job. Summer officially begins on the 21st – hopefully the rain will go away for a little while and let us enjoy the sun. But first and foremost – enjoy this weekend, be responsible and keep a clear head. If you do drink, have someone to drive for you. Stay safe and see you around our little town for the big celebration.

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