White Bird News: Fireman’s Ball on tap for Feb. 9

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WHITE BIRD — Well “April Fools,” courtesy of Mother Nature; she still hasn’t loosened her grip on ‘ole man winter, but it is getting closer. Warmer temperatures, people out working in the yards, and I do hear the birds singing once in a while.

Beginning April 10, they are starting yoga at the WBARD building. The time is 2-3 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday. Mariah Crump is going to be captain of this ship so if you need to know more, call Nicole at 208-839-2777.

Area school proms are under way, with some of the guys getting very creative at asking the girls to attend with them. “Will you goat to the prom with me” was one and the girl received a small goat as part of the invitation. They put a lot more thought into this than when I was in school, the guy just up and asked us to go and we either had the chance to tell them yes or no. Grangeville will hold theirs on Saturday, April 15, and I haven’t heard when Riggins will be, but it should be around the same time.

If you like being outdoors at night, then April 11th will be the night to watch for the pink moon, as it will make an appearance.

Next weekend is busy with something for the young to the adults with the 33rd annual Jet Boat Races being held in Riggins. This all starts on Friday and runs through Sunday. Look for the flyers and remember these are all Mountain times.

Easter Service on Sunday, the 16th will be at the battlefield overlook, sponsored by the Pleasant View Baptist Church. More information at 839-2220.

April 8, 11 a.m., there will be a celebration of life for Theresa Paul. This will take place at the Life Center, between Kamiah and Kooskia for those who want to attend. Potluck to follow so bring a dish and your memories. Theresa worked at Hoot’s Café for many years and many will remember all the stories that were told during her shifts, and then some.

Our prayers go out to the Bailey family at the passing of Jack. Another great cowboy has been sent home. No word on his services as of yet.

Upcoming event on April 22-23 will be the gun show at Hoot’s starting at 9 a.m. There is an admission charge. Information at 839-2265.

Birthdays for this week are Luke Blair, Craig Smith, Bonner Brumley, Eain Kernutt, Mike Kunkel, Delvin Keeler, Grace Eller, Taylor Eller, Dan LaRue, Konnyr Marek, Anna Ousley, Aliyah Pineda, Shelley Ghan and Lydia Chrane. In memory of Marvin Lowry and Ardis Howerton.

Anniversary wishes go out to Roy and Renee Farmer, Jim and Dot Weeks, and Jessica and Brandon Cook.

TidBits: With spring coming on I found some interesting facts about our state bird, the Mountain Blue Bird. Did you know they are found on ranches and other open areas of the American West?

It was designated as the official state bird in 1931. It is also Nevada’s state bird, and is one of two species found in the state.

They are migratory birds often arriving in Idaho in late Feb. or early March; they nest and then in September or early October they migrate back south.

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