WHITE BIRD — I think old man winter has finally given up and the warmer weather is on its way. Along with this will bring the snowmelt, rising waters and it will be cold, so be careful around the rivers and streams. The greenery and flowers sure do look great!

I found out that the cell phone tower at Slate Creek is now up and running. So far it is only cell service, but data will be operating soon. They are still working on the other one above the cemetery.

Remember next Saturday, April 28th will be the Rebekahs annual Spring Fiesta at the IOOF Hall. All are welcome, and they start serving food at noon until it is all gone. All proceeds will go toward the upkeep of the hall. They will also be holding a raffle with many homemade items.

The annual gun show will also be on the 28th and 29th at Hoot’s Cafe. This starts at 9 a.m. A small charge to get in; call 208-839-2265 for information.

The last games for the season were held at the Silver Dollar with Smiley winning the pinochle game.

They had a tie in Cribbage with Jill Robinett and Dot McCulley taking 1st, Lydia Crane placed 3rd. Thanks to Polly Fischer for getting me all the names weekly. See everyone in the fall.

Birthday wishes go out to Wendy Kunkel, Logan Eldred, Jacob Hickman, Jeffery Hickman (22nd), Lars Jensen, Willis Claar (23rd), Buck Fitch, Ty McClanahan, Pat Wilt, Cariol Dobbs (24th), Matt Prewett, Shane Poxleitner, Alfred Holden (25th), Brandy Trivett, Bill Johnson, Bert Tumelson (26th), Kristin Black, Ty Minter (27th), and Aras Holden, Hank Palmquist, Samual Dalgliesh (28th).

Anniversary wishes go out to Monty and Toni Baker (24th), yes it’s been 36 years with the ole cowboy...more to come, Ally and Dylan Roemer (25th), and Brad and Hillary Minter (28th).

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ringsmiths on the passing of Bruce’s daughter, Yvette Ringsmith Rocha. Also keep your prayers going for family and friends of Shawnta Pankey. She is still missing and hope they get some word soon.

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