WHITE BIRD -- Where do you start…this coronavirus has hit our surrounding areas. Many businesses have had to shut down, adjusted their way of running their business and have let some employees go. Use common sense and ride this out: it will pass.

That being said, the White Bird Rodeo Queen tryouts will still be held on Saturday, March 28, at 3 p.m. We have had to reschedule the fund-raiser until a later date. As it stands now, the rodeo is still going on, and I will keep everyone updated for the White Bird Days celebration, also.

Also, on the 28th, The Bent Hinge and The Hydrant are hosting a paint night at the Hydrant, starting at 6pm. Call 208-839-9993 to get signed up. Choose your own design from Pinterest and submit by the 25th. Cold beer and wine will be available. Cost is determined by the size of your project, $45 and up.

The community library has decided to close its doors starting March 19 until further notice. They would like you to know that they now have a new Internet service provided through Inland Cellular. “The volunteers would like to thank Inland corporate and also the Grangeville office, in particular Matt and Pam, for making this possible.” We now have a new phone number: 208-507-3420.

March 29 will be the breakfast at the WBARD building starting at 8 a.m. Bring a side and enjoy the stories around a great meal. Call Brenda for information on this.

The Rebekahs would like to remind the seniors in the 83554 zip area that the deadline for the scholarship is March 28. Get your applications in now to be eligible.

Attention: On a serious note, the chamber is on the verge of dissolving because of lack of attendance at the meetings. There will be a meeting on April 9 at Hammer Down, 10 a.m., to see what will happen. We cannot continue with only the president and two nonmembers (sometimes not even that) showing up to these meetings. There is no reason that someone from each business cannot show up for an hour, one day a month to see what is going on or represent their business. This means not only will you lose your chamber, but possibly some of the activities and donations throughout the year will go down, too.

Help is needed: Tragedy has struck the home of Stacy Vorhees Plaza. Her husband passed away in his sleep. If you may be able to help, please make a salad, hot dish, or dessert and drop it off at her house, which is across from the post office, between Johnny Glover and Darlene Wadsworth’s houses. The food does not need to be hot, as she can heat it up. An alternative: some are making donations at Red’s for the family to order whatever they want to eat. I talked to Jake and he is on board with this.

Pastor Randy Meyers is back home, having undergone an angiogram. Doctors said all main arteries are clear and no blockages at all.  “We cannot express how blessed we were for the outpouring of prayers on our behalf. Thank you over and over for the love and concern.”

Upcoming April events: the 11th will be the Easter Egg Hunt at the WBARD Building.  Contact Cody Farmer at 208-839-2887. There will be a bake food sale at the IOOF Hall that same day. Call ahead as these may be canceled too. I will have more information as I can get it. April 25 will be the plant and craft sale at the WBARD building. They will also be having a cupcake contest. Stay tuned for details.

Pinochle winner went to Bob Cash. Cribbage games have been put on hold until further notice due to the virus…stay safe everyone.

Birthday wishes go out to Ray Stowers (29th), Virginia Grunke, Trayce Randall, Jim Marek (30th), Marshall Roemer, Jacob Collier, Sam Zbinden, Jessica Schacher, Clayton Black (1st), Payje Sickels (3rd).

In Memory of Tom Jones (1st), Leo Pils (3rd).

Anniversary wishes go out to April & Jerry Brown (2nd) and Bob & Edith McKnight (4th).

TidBits:  In the midst of this virus, here are some things that can be done: Getting outdoors…not canceled; music…not canceled; family…not canceled; reading…not canceled; singing…not canceled; laughing…not canceled; hope…not canceled. Let’s embrace what we have.

Social Distancing

Enjoying the sunshine and practicing social distancing the White Bird way.

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