Field of dreams: Sunflower field makes for picturesque crop on the Camas Prairie

Brent and Tanis Uhlorn and their son, Tristan, of Ferdinand, stand in the field of their newest crop: sunflowers.

FERDINAND — When it comes to trying new things, Brent Uhlorn is up for the challenge.

About seven years ago, Brent and his dad, Darrel, made the decision to plant 1,400 acres of grapes on the family’s land on Pierce Road outside of Cottonwood.

Now, it’s another crop: sunflowers.

Brent and his wife, Tanis, planted approximately 20 acres in Ferdinand. There are about 16,000 flowers per acre – 320,000 sunflowers in all.

“These are black oil seed sunflowers and it’s our first try with them,” Brent said. “We’re undecided if we will try them again. Will know more after harvest.”

Harvest may be anywhere from October or November to next spring, depending on how the sunflower heads dry.

“They’ll be harvested with a standard combine,” Brent added.

The seeds will be sold for bird seed, and Brent said the crop did not take too much to prepare.

“We direct-seeded them like we do with the rest of our crops, so it really wasn’t much different,” he said.

One thing different is the sheer beauty of the crop. The Uhlorn family had their pictures taken in the panoramic field this summer.

Brent is a 2004 graduate of Prairie High School.

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