County producers to present at Jan. 8 grazing conference

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Natural Resources Conservation Service Acting State Conservationist for Idaho, Jerry Raynor, has announced a call for pre-proposals for Special Projects. These are considered to be projects in Idaho where NRCS is able to make a bigger impact on a larger scale by obligating multiple contracts with a specific set of resource concerns or targeted conservation areas within an identified geographical area.

The deadline to submit pre-proposals is Feb. 16.

“Special Projects is a way for different agricultural and timber stakeholder groups and NRCS customers to work collaboratively with us to address local priorities,” Raynor said. “I encourage our Conservation Districts, our partners and the numerous agricultural organizations out there to talk to their local District Conservationist about any idea they might have for a special project. Our staff is always on the lookout for ways to help farmers, ranchers and timber producers to get voluntary conservation practices in place so they can start reaping the benefits.”

What sets Special Projects apart from other NRCS state programs is that selected projects will be locally led and demonstrate partnership alliance. Funding may be requested for one to two years.

To be considered for funding, agricultural producers must submit pre-proposals through their local NRCS field office. The pre-proposal should be no longer than 2 pages and must include:

• A brief overview of the project,

• Anticipated practices that are being offered,

• Resource concern(s) that are being addressed,

• Partner involvement and their monetary and/or in-kind contribution

• Total cost estimate if this project was to be fully funded,

• Map of the proposed project area, and

• Other information you feel pertinent in justifying the funding of this project

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