Idaho has been listed as one of the fastest growing states in the union. No matter where you live in the state you are seeing unprecedented growth and development in many communities of the Gem State. The theme of the 2020 Idaho Ag Summit is Rural Resilience- Surviving Growth.

The Larry Branen Idaho Ag Summit will be held on Feb. 17-18 in Boise. Monday evening will be a strolling dinner with Idaho legislators at the Boise Centre. The next day, at the Red Lion Downtowner, a number of presentations will be made to explore what is happening to the changing environment in Idaho.

“These timely topics are relevant to every citizen in Idaho as we face a variety of changes throughout our state. What was once a heavily rural state is changing in complexity resulting in new challenges that will need to be addressed by public policy leaders”, according to Rick Waitley, executive director for the summit.

Todd Van Hoose, president and CEO of Farm Credit Council, will be discussing with participants Rebuild the Rural. A national thrust of farm organizations coming together to develop the infrastructure of rural America. Van Hoose will also provide insight into “What is Happening Inside the Beltway”.

Consultant Dick Wittman will be addressing the issue “Pathways to Resilience: Exploring Non-Traditional Succession Alternatives.” Wittman is a national presenter who owns and operates a family farming operation in the Lewiston area. His first-hand account of succession to maintain strong rural communities will bring a new perspective to those in the audience.

A panel discussion moderated by Teri Murrison, administrator of the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission, will include a variety of perspectives about maintaining lands for the production of food and fiber. Agriculture has been a stable part of the Idaho economy for decades. But urban growth and encroachment has resulted in the loss of production agriculture acreage that will never be replaced. The panelist will be addressing these issues from a variety of perspectives.

The Idaho Ag Summit is open to anyone who would like to attend. Registration information is online at or by calling 208-888-0988.

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