Administration (L-R): Lieutenant Doug Ulmer, Detective Sergeant Brian Hewson, Detective Lieutenant Jerry Johnson, Undersheriff Jim Gorges, Sheriff Doug Giddings.

To serve and protect - all of us, no matter what race, creed, gender or citizenship.


Communications (L-R): Ali Fischer, Cassy Paluh, Caitlyn Eckert, Mandee Mignerey - Dispatch Supervisor (TOP), Cody Killmar, Stephanie Babb. Not pictured: Trudy Slagle.


Detention (L-R): Detention Deputy Mike Victorino, Deputy Detention Deputy Christian Gulotta (back), Detention Deputy Tracy Forsgren, Detention Deputy Micah Olson, Jail Commander Matt Bybee, Detention Deputy Cindy Trombetta. Not pictured: Deputy Chief Cliff Jones, Detention Deputy Roberto Hernandez, Detention Deputy Shawn Shaw.


L-R: Officer Jason Brainard, Officer Philip Graham, Sergeant Mike Quintal.


L-R: Officer Chris Williams, Officer Paul Orgish, Chief Morgan Drew.


Kooskia Patrol: L-R: Corporal Keith Olsen, Deputy Jason Hicks, Sergeant Craig Hoodman, Deputy Stan Denham. Not pictured: Deputy Sam Augello.


Office staff: Back row: Amanda Davis - evidence tech/assistant records clerk, Penny Casey - civil deputy. Front row: Monica Walker - office coordinator, Christy Raup - driver's license, Sarah Secrist - office coordinator.


Prairie Patrol: L-R: Deputy Nick Harris, Sergeant Justin Scuka, Deputy Mike Brewster, Deputy Lynzie Sendra, Deputy Scott Paulsen, Corporal Mike Chlebowski, Deputy Andy Beene.

Sergeant Mike Quintal was voted Best Law Enforcement Officer in The Idaho County Free Press 2019 Best of Idaho County.

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