Think smarter when watering, caring for yard during the heat

Russ Lindsley is the owner of Green Acres

For many people, a bountiful garden can be a burden to ensure we’re utilizing the literal fruits and vegetables of our harvest, and not letting them go to waste. But even with sneaking bags of zucchini into someone’s front seat or on a neighbor’s front porch, we still see some of this produce languish and go to waste.

So, what’s the alternative? Grow your garden this year with an eye to help feed the hungry in your community.

According to the organization Feeding America, ap-proximately 41 million Americans struggle with hunger, many of whom are children and seniors. Within Idaho County, food banks and charity pantries are busy on dis-tribution day with individuals and families seeking food as-sistance to meet their needs and help stretch out lean budgets.

In planning your garden this year, check with your local food bank, church organizations or ministerial associations on what types of fruits and vegetables would be well-received by people and that also store well to await distri-bution.

Set aside a row in your garden for the produce you plan to give. Those with limited space can team up with neigh-bors and friends to combine harvests to donate. Make it a family project and get the kids involved in growing and giv-ing.

Area food banks include Grangeville (Camas Prairie Food Bank), Kooskia, Cottonwood and Kamiah. Church-es, city halls and chamber of commerce offices may have contacts for groups in your area.

Need supplies? Advice? Our staff is ready to assist you at Green Acres Nursery in Grangeville, 208-983-0355, WWW.LINDSLEYSGREENACRES.COM, and like us on Facebook.

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