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The Tire Guy.

You’re stopped by the road with a flat, or your tractor is down in the field. The Tire Guy in Cottonwood now offers 24-7 roadside emergency service to get you back on the road or moving agriculture equipment across the field.

“We’ll be able to help them out,” said Rick Workman, who has three decades of experience working in the tire industry.

The Tire Guy is working to become a full-service provider, offering assistance for passenger cars, light and over-the-road trucks, and small farm tractors and implements. They are also working with the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office to be an available on-call emergency service for those motorists in need. Customers have options available through The Tire Guy, with the main brand offered being Cooper Tires.

The Tire Guy roadside service is available through most of the Idaho County area that includes State Highway 13, U.S. Highway 12, and also U.S. Highway 95 from White Bird to Craigmont.

For farmers and ranchers who are stuck out in a field or ditch with a tire problem, “Time is money to them,” and with this roadside service they want to get to them quickly and fix their tire issues to get them back up and working.

“We’ve seen a need for this service, we want to help people out, and this is the reason for what we want to do with this service,” Rick said.

Need roadside tire assistance? Contact The Tire Guy (502 Main Street, Cottonwood) at 208-816-8040 (ask for Rick) or 208-962-3241 (shop).

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