Tooth be told: Fluoride is safe, effective at preventing tooth decay

We’ve gone through our lives hearing much advice on what to do and not to do, and what is good and bad for our teeth. Validating or debunking some of the common myths is Two Rivers Family Dental and Cosmetics, of Grangeville.

Myth: Toothpaste that contains fluoride is harmful and should be avoided

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 2017, fluoride is good for teeth, according to Dr. Shane Newton.

“Fluoride is safe and effective at preventing decay,” he said. “There is no known scientific evidence that fluoride in small amounts causes any physical, mental or health disorders.”

The only proven issue with fluoride is in excess; it can cause faint white “streaks and/or spots” on the enamel called fluorosis, he said. Fluoride in toothpaste is in higher concentration than usually found in water, and parents with adolescent children must supervise brushing using the correct pea-size amount of paste at the time of brushing.  Brushing 2 or 3 times daily with the correct amount of pea-size paste on the toothbrush is an ideal amount situation for adolescents and adults alike.  

“Fluoride strengthens the enamel on teeth, which combats the next round of acid attack from harmful bacteria,” he said. “Fluoride is an important trace element/mineral for everyone, especially children.”

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