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More than $85 million in infrastructure projects are being proposed for the region between 2022 and 2028 by the Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP). A draft list was released this month for public review and comment on proposed projects for the next seven years that include improvements to highways, bicycle routes, airports, pedestrian projects, freight, safety projects, bridges and public transportation.

Public comment is being taken on the draft ITIP plan through July 31.

Cost-wise, the top five projects proposed within Idaho County

The top money project on the list is resurface, restoration and rehabilitation (RRR) for an approximate 10-mile section of U.S. Highway 12 from Lochsa Ranger Station (milepost 121.3) to Holly Creek turnout (milepost 131.5). Tentatively set for 2023, the project will construct a shoulder notch on both sides of the highway.

Tentatively set for 2026, another RRR project is a 14-mile project on U.S. Highway 95 (milepost 210 to 224 just north of White Bird). The $7.050 million proposal is for milling the full width of the highway and setting a 15-foot or greater overlay.

A nine-mile section of U.S. 12 is proposed to receive RRR work in 2027. The $6.972 million project (mileposts 113 to 122, just east of the Lochsa Ranger Station) would construct a 0.3-foot cold-in-place recycle and overlay; and all signs, guardrails and deficient pipe culverts would be replaced.

Proposed for 2026 is replacement of the Clearwater River Bridge in Kooskia on State Highway 13 (business loop). The $6.854 million project would replace the existing structure, which was built in 1935.

Another U.S. 12 RRR project, a nearly 11-mile section (from Saddle Camp at milepost 140 to Warm Springs) is proposed for renovation. The $5.965 million project would provide an inlay, in addition to repairing soft spots and replacing culverts.

Regional aviation infrastructure is also proposed for improvement, specifically at the Idaho County Airport in Grangeville, with projects set for 2022 to 2025 and totaling $961,000. Two phases of fencing — for security and to keep wildlife off the field — are proposed in 2022 and 2023, as is a two-phase apron reconstruction; and fuel apron reconstruction is planned for 2025.

In other projects:

• Proposed for 2023, a $1.216 million project in Grangeville on U.S. 95 to construct a southbound left turnbay and a northbound right turnbay at the intersection with the highway and truck route bypass road.

• South of Ferdinand on U.S. 95, a northbound passing lane is proposed (between mileposts 261 and 264). Project cost estimated at $1.725 million.

• Hat Creek Bridge on U.S. 95 (milepost 186.7, nearly two miles south of Pollock) would be replaced in a $955,000 project. Built in 1961, the existing bridge is listed in poor condition.

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