Dr. Helen Rowland photo

Dr. Helen Rowland, Cottonwood Veterinary Service, spoke to ag producers at the Jan. 11 Beef school on a new rule regulating access to vaccines.

COTTONWOOD — “We don’t want to be in the headlines because of the use of animal antibiotics," said Dr. Helen Rowland. "We don't want the blame. There's plenty of other places to fix, but we can control this."

Rowland of Cottonwood Veterinary Service, was one of two featured speakers at last week's Beef School, organized by University of Idaho Extension, Idaho County. Vaccinations were at issue for the two-hour event, held Jan. 11, that drew more than 40 attendees to the Cottonwood Community Hall. Rowland spoke to the background and impending rule changes on vaccine procurement. Dr. Lauren Christensen, U of I assistant professor, veterinary and food science department, provided overviews on the need, usage and handling of vaccinations in beef operations.

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