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STITES – A preliminary hearing is set for this Thursday, Sept. 10, for a Stites man, alleged to have shot at a person who, as a result, was injured from subsequent flying glass debris.

Johnathon L. Cook, 26, was arraigned in magistrate court on Aug. 31 on charges of aggravated assault and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony.

Charges resulted from an Aug. 30 incident at Stites, investigated by the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO). According to court records, ICSO Deputy Jason Hicks responded to Stites regarding a male being shot in the back of the head. The victim, Robert Schilling, stated he was parked in front of Cook’s residence with a vehicle loaded on a trailer waiting for the car’s owner, April Fisher, when Cook allegedly began threatening him. Schilling stated Cook allegedly pointed a gun at him, telling him to leave, at which point he drove off. At that point, Schilling reported hearing a loud noise and was then hit in the head with glass.

According to Hicks’ report, he found a small caliber hole that had fractured an area of the left rear window of Schilling’s Dodge pickup. He also observed multiple spots of dried blood on the back of Schilling’s head and neck, consistent with injury from shards of glass, but did not observe any bullet entry wound.

Hicks interviewed Cook who stated his security camera gave him an alert, and he thought someone was taking his girlfriend’s truck, and he came out of the house and told them to leave and not take the vehicle. Cook initially stated he did not have or own a firearm, and when questioned about the window damage he stated he threw a rock. According to the report, Cook then said he shot at the victim with a pellet gun that shoots plastic BBs, and later admitted to using a rifle, a .22-caliber bolt action, that deputies retrieved from the home’s bathroom.

According to the report, Cook said he thought the car was being stolen, and that Schilling was threatening to come back and get him.

Kooskia Ambulance assisted in the incident; however, Schilling transported himself to the hospital for medical treatment.

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