In 2018, Alex and Margaret Frei were the first two runners to cross the finish line at the annual 5K fun run held each Fourth of July in Grangeville. On Thursday, Margaret was the first woman to finish, but Alex wasn’t seen until later.

That’s because another Frei – young Pierce – was taking a big first step into running, with his first organized run this Border Days.

Margaret Frei told the Free Press she usually wears a watch, but, “it was just for fun today.”

It was the family’s fourth year running in Grangeville, and next year, Margaret Frei said, will be daughter Gretel’s first.

The Freis run a lot, with Margaret scheduling a triathlon in Coeur d’Alene this August, having caught the Lolo Pass run on the way over from Montana this year.

Official times weren’t immediately available after the race last Thursday, but Nezperce High cross-country standout Joe McGuigan knew it wasn’t his best.

Joe McGuigan

Joe McGuigan placed first overall at the annual 5K fun run sponsored each July 4 by Syringa Hospital Foundation.

“I ran it in 20:40 a couple of years ago, and I came in a little faster this year,” he said shortly after finishing first overall. “It’s not a PR, though. I’ve run the old course about 20 times in the past two weeks, and I could do it in about 16 minutes. But the course was a little different today, with more hills than I thought. I’d have worn some different shoes if I had known.”

“But I had fun, and that’s what important,” he added.


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