Well, it’s time for this Ol’ Cowpoke to show her face and try to keep you filled in on some Border Days information (gossip??!!)

First of all, Border Days is set for Saturday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 4. That’s four days – July 1-4. Rodeos are July 1, 2 and 3, and parades are July 2, 3 and 4. This year’s theme is “Wild Roots of Country,” so get your thinking caps on and decide what you’re going to do for the parades in this 106th Border Days.

You may have heard this year’s local team roping is in honor of a former Grangeville area cowboy Mr. Lee Woods. Lee was killed last September while at his ranch doing what he loved. He and his daughter, Mackie, had entered the team roping for years and he also had other partners for years before that. He was also a former bronc rider and served as a pick-up man when Deward Gill provided rodeo stock.

Those who wish to enter the Lee Woods Memorial Local Team Roping are invited to call Brad Arnzen at 983-5784 after June 15 to enter.

Speaking of the Gills, do you know Melvin and Midge Gill? Melvin will serve as grand marshal for this Border Days Rodeo and events. They live outside of Lucile up Cow Creek on their cattle ranch. A little birdie told me when the Free Press reporter went to interview them, Melvin said, “You can see my place from the road.” The reporter thought, “Great! Easy to get to.” What she found out was, sure, you can see the house from the road – if you stand in Lucile and look straight up the mountain! Apparently, she drove white-knuckled on the windy road, but her prayers were answered – she didn’t meet any cars coming or going. She said she had a great visit with the Gills and they do have a wonderful view from atop Cow Creek. (And she didn’t even let on to them she was a little scared on the drive up. She didn’t want them to think she was a wimp!)

Have you seen the Border Days Royalty out and about? Queen Rachael Stevens and princess Micaela Farris, both of Grangeville, have been busy representing Border Days Rodeo at various events since last Border Days. This includes the Lewiston Round-Up, White Bird Christmas parade, Asotin Rodeo, various High School Rodeo events, the Grangeville Health and Rehab Thanksgiving dinner, the Trunk or Treat event and when the Capitol Christmas tree came through town.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: Rachael enjoys making gluten-free baked treats and Micaela works part-time at Grangeville Health and Rehab. More on these community-involved girls as we get deeper into Border Days.

And since we’re talking about royalty, the Boots and Bling Royalty Boot Camp is set for Saturday, July 8. This is a great day-camp for any young lady who thinks she may want to try out for any royalty, be in mounted or fair or even Distinguished Young Women. Though some of the events will include horse riding, there is also a portion that is good for any girl who would like some tips on etiquette and interview. More on this as time goes on, but if you’re interested now, call organizer Kami Fogleman at 983-8779.

Do you have any Border Days news for Corral Dust? That can be anything from an upcoming class reunion or fund-raiser during the celebration to a concert or a bit of trivia on a committee member. E-mail it to freepressnews@idahocountyfreepress.com and the Ol’ Cowpoke will get it. If you aren’t yet in the age of technology, stop by the Free Press office or call 983-1200 and leave a message.

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