On Aug. 14, Meleah McCulley will present "The Short Line to Stites" as part of the Brown Bag Program, which is co-sponsored by he Idaho County Historical Society and the Bicentennial Historical Museum.

GRANGEVILLE – Spend your lunch hour with an interesting story, as the Brown Bag Program continues for the next three weeks.

First up, today, Wednesday, Aug. 7, David Bodine will discuss the 100-year farm. The Bodine’s 740-acre farm is located approximately 10 miles outside Grangeville on Old Highway 7. It originally started as two properties about 240 acres.

The Idaho County Historical Society and the Bicentennial Historical Museum co-sponsor the Brown Bag Program. Sessions are held each Wednesday, running through Aug. 28, at the Bicentennial Historical Museum basement meeting room, 305 North College Street, noon to 1 p.m.

Programs are free to the public, and those attending are invited to bring lunch to eat while they listen.

Next week, Aug. 14, Meleah McCulley will present “The Short Line to Stites.”

“I got involved in helping the museum set up the Fourth of July railroad display,” McCulley said. She volunteered to do research on the line.

McCulley will present the Stites railroad years 1902-1985, as well as what led up to the railroad going in and fading out.

“I also want to encourage people to learn more about other local rail lines, such as the Camas Prairie Railroad,” she said.

She has a PowerPoint presentation of information and historical documents and photos, and the museum has the Stites collection from Glen Davidson and family.

“Participants can view the collection, as well as hear the history,” McCulley said.

The upcoming schedule of programs is as follows:

Aug. 21: Bob Black, “Notes from the Cockpit”

Aug. 28: Nick Gerhardt, “A History of the Dams in the Clearwater River Basin”

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