KAMIAH — “We had the dream of moving to this area”, said Janet Brennan, a sales representative for Brady Industries, a company selling wholesale cleaning supplies and equipment. “My husband, Scott, and I are outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying mountain biking.”

Brennan has lived in Boise for the past 30 years, working for Brady Industries for the past five years. When her husband retired from the military, she approached her boss at Brady about the possibility of her basing out of Kamiah. He readily agreed it would be a good opportunity to expand sales in North Central Idaho. The company has a contract with the state of Idaho and was already supplying cleaning supplies and equipment to state hospitals and prisons in this area. Brady Industries is a large company with 26 outlets in 17 states.

“They are using our products in the White House,” she noted. Since arriving in Kamiah she has reached out to local governments and businesses about the company’s products and services.

Recently, she met with Kamiah city staff to develop consolidated orders for all the departments. She continues to handle Boise area clients, as well as expanding to Lewiston and Clarkston. Brady Industries is looking at establishing a warehouse in Lewiston to better serve north Idaho. She is also reaching out to gas stations, hospitality (motels) and food service, among other businesses.

She said her favorite product and one of the most popular is an antimicrobial surface protectant called Prevent X 24/7 that kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens for 30-90 days “It lays down a microscopic bed of needles,” said Brennan, adding that this does not allow the pathogens to adhere to the surface. It is used in conjunction with disinfectants. “It is a green product that’s been around for 30 years, but now Prevent X 24/7 is having its day in the time of COVID.” Brennan said she can provide research on the effectiveness of Brady’s products.

She said that, “things have been weird, business-wise, this last year.” Right after COVID started, everyone really stocked up on supplies, then with businesses closing or slowing down, stopped buying for a while. Brennan said that Boise got too big over the years, so she and Scott wanted to live in a small town. She grew up in a small town in Oklahoma near an Indian reservation, so moving here is like coming full circle, except it is prettier here. She and Scott recently bought a house near Kamiah.

If you are interested in learning about the products, contact Janet Brennan, Brady Industries Sales Representative by phone 208-672-7994 or e-mail janet.brennan@bradyindustries.com and check out Brady Industry’s products at https://bradyindustries.com.

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