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St. Mary’s Health (formerly St. Mary’s Hospital) in Cottonwood.

Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics, in Orofino, and St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics, in Cottonwood are introducing new names, brands and vision as part of their integration into the Kootenai Health regional health care system, headquartered in Coeur d’Alene.

As of May 27, Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics will be known as Clearwater Valley Health and St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics will be known as St. Mary’s Health. Clinic locations for each organization will include the hospital name as well as a location-specific identifier. For example: St. Mary’s Health Kamiah Clinic and Clearwater Valley Health Orofino Clinic.

The new identity for each organization features Kootenai Health’s signature “spark,” an icon that signifies reaching out and working together to improve health care as represented by a stylized medical cross. The names honor the long and celebrated histories of these community hospitals, while also focusing on the bright future ahead. United as a health care system, all three logos share a color, fonts and style that signifies their connected and collaborative relationship.

St. Mary’s Health and Clearwater Valley Health will also be adopting the majority of Kootenai Health’s vision statement with one exception. St. Mary’s and Clearwater will replace Kootenai Health’s goal of becoming a “premier medical destination” to instead becoming a “leader in rural health care.” The organizations’ updated vision will be: One connected team, boldly transforming the health care experience, to become a leader in rural health care.

“As we enter the next chapter of our integration, we are thrilled to introduce these new identities. These names and logos are a visual representation of our three organizations’ new level of connectedness,” said Lenne Bonner, CEO of Clearwater Valley Health and St. Mary’s Health. “Today, we are celebrating our incredible history, but also looking forward to the bright future ahead as one connected team.”

As part of Kootenai Health’s regional health care system, Clearwater Valley and St. Mary’s will be able to offer more resources and services for patients in their local communities.

In April 2020, both hospitals officially became part of Kootenai Health. Although the names and brand are changing, both hospitals will maintain their current structures and boards. St. Mary’s Health will retain its Catholic identity and remain a faith-based facility. Bonner will remain in the role of CEO for both organizations and the organizations will continue to operate with local management oversight.

“Kootenai Health has a long history of collaborating with other medical providers and critical access hospitals throughout the five northern counties of Idaho,” said Jon Ness, CEO of Kootenai Health. “We know patients do best when they are able to get the care they need close to home. The integration of our three organizations will help keep northern Idaho patients in northern Idaho.”

Today all three organizations are celebrating this relationship, the benefit to patients and the promising future.

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