Flowers at Green Acres Nursery photo

These bell-shaped flowers (trumpet vines) attract a variety of bees at GreenAcres Nursery in Grangeville.

Have you checked out Gaul’s Getaway in Grangeville? Located at 117 West North Street, the shop offers books, candles, bath salts, herbal tinctures, Idaho soaps and creams and more. Stop by or call 208-507-0560.

If you’re shopping for school supplies, be sure to look at local stores throughout the county, including grocery stores, for back-to-school bargains!

It’s Idaho County Fair week! Be sure to check out the fairgrounds in Cottonwood for all sorts of fun this week. If you didn’t get a Free Press fair section, you can pick one up at the fair office or at the Free Press. Food, animals, entries, vendors, more food, entertainment — what more could you ask for?

I am happy to have received an advanced review copy of John Koenig’s “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” which I have quoted here before (from his online version). It reads like poetry. Here’s a word for you: Harmonoia: a noun. Meaning: An itchy sense of dread when life feels just a hint too peaceful — when everyone seems to get along suspiciously well, with an eerie sense of stillness that seems to invite disasters. From the words harmony and paranoia. Pronounced “hahr-muh-noi-uh.” I think this may be what I call “a sense of impending doom.” It’s nice to have words for feelings!

Don’t forget to pick up your new River-to-River phone book if you haven’t yet received one!

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