Savvy Hair Studio photo

The Savvy Hair Studio.

GRANGEVILLE – A new salon is open for business in Grangeville: Savvy Hair Studio is located at 117 West North Street, and owner Stacy Askew is already drawing in a crowd.

Askew grew up in Oregon but has family throughout Idaho.

“When the pandemic hit, Portland was in full lockdown and my sister, who lives in Nampa, encouraged me to come home,” Askew explained. “I couldn't sit there any longer doing nothing, confined to my home, so I made a move that was in the best interest of my family. I had been wanting to get out of Portland for a long time, but my plan was to wait until my son graduated high school. However, things have a funny way of happening when they are supposed to.”

Askew said she was priced out of the Nampa, Boise and Caldwell areas, so she completed a general Zillow search of her price range and found “a cute little house here in Grangeville,” she said.

“The moment I came to Grangeville, it just felt like home immediately. Since I've been here, folks have been more welcoming and kind than I could have ever imagined,” she added.

Askew is a high school graduate who went on to take some community college courses and then made the decision to attend cosmetology school.

“When I graduated cosmetology school, I apprenticed for a full year under one of the best hairstylists in Portland at a spa called Urbaca in the Pearl district,” she said. “I took every single advanced color class that was offered, so I became a color specialist before I ever touched a client on the floor. I've spent my career traveling to many cities to take classes and further my education. I am absolutely passionate about my craft!”

It’s a craft she has honed for the past 22 years.

“I actually wanted to become a nurse. I worked in long-term care facilities. It was the best work I had ever done,” she recalled. “I loved making a difference in people's lives. I wanted to become a nurse but have lived on my own since a very young age, so I decided to acquire a trade so that I could easily afford to go to school and still pay my apartment rent and my car payment that I had at the time.”

“Here I am, 22 years later, totally in love with hair,” she laughed.

Askew specializes in color correction and precision hair design, as well as consultation.

“It is so incredibly important to me to fully communicate with each client so that they are able to walk out with hair that they love and confidence that they can maintain their look at home,” she emphasized.

Savvy Hair Studio is located behind Umpqua Bank’s back parking lot, at 117 West North Street.

To make any appointment text 503-915-2484 (texts are preferred as Askew often has her hands in hair; however, voice messages will be returned as soon as possible).

“It is an absolute joy and a privilege to be a part of this community. I am so blessed to be able to serve the residents of Grangeville,” Askew smiled.

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