The Trails under new ownership

(L-R) The Gomez family, Brenda with Bruno, Bryan, Lola and Joel. Not pictured is Brandon.

GRANGEVILLE -- “We really wanted to keep this open for the community,” Joel Gomez said. “We feel there’s so much potential here.”

Gomez and his family recently took over The Trails Restaurant and Lounge (formerly Oscar’s). Previously, Mike and Judy Ozmer ran the business.

“We heard it was going to be closing soon if it wasn’t purchased, and the appliances and all would just be auctioned off, and we didn’t want to see that,” Joel said.

He said the restaurant held a liquor license he also wanted to keep.

“That’s attached to this location,” he explained. All the paperwork has transferred, and the bar is open.

The Gomez family has a goal to make The Trails a nice steakhouse, while offering a great place for the community to meet, eat and visit, they said, and include exceptional food and customer service.

“Ted [Lindsley] has really helped us a lot,” said Joel’s wife, Lola. The Lindsleys own the building,

Joel, who also owns and operates The Melting Pot in Grangeville, said he is making small changes now, such as offering prime Angus beef and more fresh options.

“Even if it’s not on the menu, if we have it and can do it, or make substitutions, that’s what we want to do for our customers,” he said.

The whole family is a part of the businesses they run: Joel, Lola, and their children Brenda, 19, Bryan, 16, Brandon, 9, and Bruno, 1. They will add another member to their family in January 2020.

“We want to offer a family-friendly restaurant, but also a place for adults to meet and visit, which is why the setup here is perfect,” Joel explained.

Fridays will offer a prime rib special, daily homemade soups will be available, all sauces are homemade, and additional specials will be on tap each week.

“Eventually, we plan to add breakfast to the menu again,” Joel said. Right now, The Trails (kitchen) is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. for lunch, dinner, dessert and appetizers. The bar/lounge stays open, Joel said, until the last person leaves.

Joel said he is happy to be able to continue to provide jobs within the community he calls home.

“I think it’s important that our family lives here in Grangeville and cares about this town,” added daughter Brenda. She will start her sophomore year at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa in the nursing program this fall.

Joel would like to open up the front side of The Trails with some garage-type doors and offer outdoor Main Street seating.

“We would like to have some music nights and just make it really inviting,” Brenda added.

The Trails is located at 101 East Main Street and is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Call 208-983-2106.

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