The Strawberry Moon will appear fully illuminated from Saturday, June 15, through Tuesday morning, June 18.

June's full moon, known in North America as the Strawberry Moon, will appear fully illuminated from Saturday, June 15, to Tuesday morning, June 18, according to NASA, although it will be 100% astronomically full at 4:31 a.m. EDT.

This Strawberry moon, named for the relatively short strawberry harvest season, will be particularly special as it will coincide with Jupiter shining brightly. In Europe, however, June's full moon is called the Rose Moon. Elsewhere, it is called the Mead Moon, Honey Moon or LRO Moon.

In ancient times, people would name full moons as the lunar calendar was relied upon to keep track of the passing of seasons.

For more on the Strawberry Moon, watch the Farmers’ Almanac video.

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