Tova Cladouhos

Tova Cladouhos of Grangeville wrote the book “Saving Lily.”

GRANGEVILLE – Tova Cladouhos recently completed a new project – following prodding from her family.

The Grangeville women has penned the book “Saving Lily.”

A couple of summers ago, a friend’s sheep had a lamb and the mother lamb died.

“The baby was just a couple hours old and my granddaughters, 10 and 8 years old at the time, visiting for the summer from Alaska, decided they wanted to take on the project to save this little lamb,” Cladouhos explained.

Thus began the adventures of Lily the lamb.

“It was touch and go for a while,” Cladouhos explained.

Throughout the many adventures with Lily, Cladouhos was receiving encouragement to write about the lamb.

“I had published little family projects for gifts and such, but this was a new idea,” she said.

She met local author Vicki Lucas who put her in touch with publishing company Rivershore Books out of Minneapolis. The next step was to find an illustrator. Cladouhos scoured the children’s section of the library – where she said she enjoys spending time, anyway – and came across the book Weaving the Rainbow, illustrated by Stephanie Anderson.

Cladouhos fell in love with Anderson’s artwork and contacted her.

“She was lovely, but her work was really out of my price range,” she said.

However, once Anderson read Cladouhos’ story, the two made plans to collaborate on the book.

“I am so thankful because her illustrations are perfect,” Cladouhos smiled.

Cladouhos is a retired educator and nurse who lives on a small hobby farm outside of Grangeville with her husband, Joe.

“The animals are all pets,” she smiled. This includes 14 sheep – Lily included -- two dogs, two horses, 18 chickens and two barn cats.

Cladouhos is already contemplating her next book, a story about the family’s border collie, Molly.

Saving Lily is available in hardcover from and softcover from Amazon. It’s also available through ValNet and Cladouhos will be donating the book to local school libraries.

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