Clearwater Quick Response Unit

In the summer of 2019, the Clearwater Quick Response Unit acquired a 2006 Ford F350 four-wheel-drive ambulance from Arco. Pictured are (L-R) Steve Reichert, EMT; Serena Jackson, trainee EMT; Doug Sutton, driver; Carrie Carnes, lead EMT; Bill Jacks, driver; Trudy Morse, EMT; and Mike Thorpe, EMT and vehicle maintenance.

CLEARWATER – When emergency medical care was needed, they were there. That dedication was recently rewarded by the community.

Community support, private donations, and fund-raisers helped provide the Clearwater Quick Response Unit (QRU) with an ambulance replacement this summer: a 2006 Ford F350 with four-wheel drive from Arco, Idaho. This replaces the ambulance service’s older two-wheel drive vehicle.

“The IOOF Hall, the Baptist church and the grange have been immensely helpful,” said Carrie Carnes, lead EMT, who added that the overall support from the Clearwater community has been generous. “Clearwater QRU would like to express our gratitude to the entire community and hope we can continue to serve you well.

She added there is a great camaraderie between all the area’s QRU units.

“Lowell QRU has been supportive with training and finding a gurney for us,” Carnes said, “and Kooskia, too, has helped and supported us with great training sessions.”

Clearwater QRU’s current fund-raiser is a raffle for a five-foot chain saw art bear, carved by Beau Lane. Tickets are available at area festivals or by calling 208-926-0169. The winning ticket will be drawn at the second annual spaghetti feed in March 2020.

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