Glenwood-Caribel area photo

The fields meet the forest.

GLENWOOD CARIBEL -- "Where is this idyllic place?" you may ask. The Glenwood-Caribel area runs north-northeast of Kamiah for miles and miles. To get there, you turn onto Woodland Road at the east end of the bridge going out of Kamiah, then make a right turn at the dumpsters. "Dumpsters" is included in the directions to quite a few places around here. Don't you love it? You will then be on Glenwood Road, aka Forest Service Road 100. After a mile or so, Adams Grade will be on your left. Drive a few more miles up the curvy, burned-out-forest road to Shenandoah Drive; and another mile or so to Kidder Ridge Road. At that point, you will begin to see cultivated fields sprinkled between patches of not-burned trees that escaped the big fire of 2015. You will have climbed about 2,000 feet in altitude up from Kamiah. Continue on Glenwood Road for another few miles to reach Caribel Road. If you turn onto Caribel Road, after driving in the dust for what seems an eternity, you will reach the Woodland area.  But if you keep driving straight ahead, you will eventually reach the Forest Service's Lolo Creek Campground, and possibly find some morel mushrooms or huckleberries to pick, if bears and others haven't beaten you to them. The campground is about 21 miles up Glenwood Road from the dumpsters.

This is a lovely area. Home to farmers, artists, loggers, retirees, schoolteachers, families young and old, computer techs, contractors, hunting guides, and health-care workers. You name it - good people all, who wave as they drive past you on the road. There are probably between 250 and 300 residences tucked here and there.

Some years ago, our daughter and her California-born/big city-raised husband and their two younger kids came to visit us. One evening, we found our son-in-law sitting alone on the front porch. "Are you okay?" we asked. "It's so quiet and peaceful here," he said. That, it is. You do get used to the logging trucks rumbling up and down the road. The family has now built their forever home just across the field from us, and daughter is teaching at Grangeville High School, while her retired-veterinarian hubby holds down the home-front. They feel they are living the good life here, as do all of our far-flung neighbors.

Funny story: when we moved to Idaho, about 20 years ago, we went to the county office to have our drivers’ licenses changed. We were asked for our address but hadn't been assigned one yet. The helpful clerk asked us to describe where we lived. "Well - we're about seven miles up Glenwood Road." Our first Idaho drivers’ licenses listed our address as "Seven miles up Glenwood Road." That's Idaho County for ya.

This will be a weekly column (usually), and I would welcome input from the residents, friends, and family of the Glenwood-Caribel area. If you know of any goings-on, or interesting topics, please give me a call: Nancy Gillins at 208-935-0334, or

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