2019 Idaho County Fair Annual Pigtail Contest

A total of 24 children participated in the Annual Pigtail Contest at the Idaho County Fair this year. Event winners and participants are as follows:

Age Group 0-3 – Longest: 1st, Hazel Terhaar Daughter of Andy and Molly Terhaar age 3, Length 8 and 1/2 inches; Shortest: TIE - 1st, Swayzee Forsman Daughter of Shawn and Bridget Forsman age 2, Length 1/2 inches; TIE 1st, Vivian Harris Daughter of Vivian and Scott Harris age 3, Length 3 inches; Widest: TIE - 1st, Mackenzie Sonnen Daughter of Norm and Julie Sonnen age 1, width 1/4 inch; TIE - 1st, Aubrey Westhoff Daughter of Whitney and Kyle Westhoff age 2, width 1/4 inch.

Age Group 4-5 – Longest: TIE - 1st, Aubrey Ward Daughter of Cathy Ward age 5, length 18 inches; TIE - 1st, Tessa Sonnen Daughter of Norm and Julie Sonnen age 5 length 18 inches; 2nd, Blakey Forsman Daughter of Casey and Stephanie Forsman age 5 length 16 inches; TIE - 3rd, Mia Meyers Daughter of Jeremy and Jessica Myers age4 length 12 and 1/2 inches; TIE - 3rd, Brylin Stigum Daughter of Shandrie Stigum age 4 length 12 and 1/2 inches; Shortest: 1st, Melody Scovel Daughter of Twila Scovel age 4 Length 2 and 1/2 inch; 2nd, Charlee Key Daughter of Tabitha Key age 5 Length 4 inches; Widest: 1st, Jordan Schumacher Daughter of Julie and Greg Schumacher age 4 Width 1 and 3/4 inches; TIE - 2nd, Evelyn Terhaar Daughter of Andy and Molly Terhaar Age 4 width 1 inch; TIE - 2nd, Brylie Forsman Daughter of Shawn and Bridget Forsman Age 5 width 1 inches.

Age Group 6-8 – Longest: TIE - 1st Shyann Meyers Daughter of Jeremy and Jessica Meyers age 6, Length 13 and 1/2 inches; TIE - 1st, Joey Tacke Daughter of Jeana Tacke age 7, Length 13 and 1/2 inches; Shortest: 1st, Will Sonnen Son of Julie and Norm Sonnen age 8, Length 3 inches; Widest: 1st, Gloria Terhaar Daughter of Andy and Molly Terhaar age 7, Width 2 inches.

9 + /Adult – Longest: 1st, Lydia Stowell daughter of Dori Stowell age 12, Length 30 inches; 2nd, Rachel Sonnen daughter of Norm and Julie Sonnen age 12 Length 25 inches; 3rd, Bethany Stowell, daughter of Dori Stowell age 9, Length 23 inches; Raydin Hayes daughter of Linda Schweich, age 10, length 20 inches; Kylie Schumacher daughter of Julie Schumacher age 11, length 13 and 1/2 inches.

Most Unusual: 1st, Melody Scovel; 2nd, Joey Tacke.

2019 Open Class Exhibits, Best of Show and Award of Merit

ART: Best of show- Ellamae Holes; CIAA Idaho Landscape Award- Leah Harvey

BAKED GOODS: Best of Show- Phyllis Gilmore; Award of Merit- Phyllis Gilmore

CROCHETING: Best of Show- Nancy Berg, Award of Merit – Melissa Walters

WINE: Best of Show- Gleta Perry

HORTICULTURE-FLOWERS: Best of Show- Janice Inghram; Award of Merit – Elayne Murphy

ARTISTIC ARRANGEMENT: Best of Show- Cheryln Pankey; Award of Merit – Lu Crea

VALLEY GARDEN CLUB AWARD: Best Horticulture Entry- Dana Keyser; Artistic Arrangement- Lu Crea

FOOD PRESERVATION: Best of Show- Jerri Hattrup; Award of Merit- Jerri Hattrup

HOBBIES: Adult-Best of Show- Owen Roberts – Child Rocking Chair; Award of Merit- Janet Messerson – Woven Basket

HORTICULTURE-VEGETABLES – FRUITS: Best of Show- Alli Bransford – Creature Feature; Award of Merit- Merissa Baker – Creature Feature

KNITTED ARTICLES: Best of Show- Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit- Jeanette Kelley

NEEDLEWORK: Best of Show- Joan Hall; Award of Merit- Sharon Espinola

PHOTOGRAPHY: Best of Show- Gail Stowers; Award of Merit- Rachel Gehring

QUILTS: Best of Show- Mary Flury; Award of Merit- Mary Flury

SEW-CIETY QUILTING AWARDS: 1st Kaylee Doughty; 2nd Kaylee Doughty; 3rd Dani Sonnen

JR, DIVISION: Best of Show – Kaylee Doughty; Award of Merit – Chloe Rowland

SEWING: Best of Show- Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit- Elayne Murphy


FRUITS: 1. Jeri Hattrup; 2. Deborah Wassmuth

VEGETABLES: 1. Natalie Latimer; 2, Tom Wimer

PICKLES: 1, Jeri Hattrup; 2, Millie Wimer

SOFT SPREAD: 1, Mona Farmer; 2, Deborah Wassmuth



BREADS: 1, Barbara Cleary, 2, Debbie Stubbers; 1. Lee Forsmann – Youth

CAKES: 1, Debbie Wassmuth; 2, Shari Chaffee; 1, Maggie Foster – Youth

COOKIES: 1, Shari Chaffee; 2, Emily Prigge; 1, Max Rehder – Youth

PIES: 1, Shari Chaffee; 2, Matt Jessup; 1, Leann Lightfield – Youth

SOURDOUGH: 1, Kathy Hedberg

Two-Minute Talent Show

Third Place: Ages 6 – 12: Kimberly Seaver “This is Me”; Ages 13 – 15 Whitney Andrews – “July”; Ages 16 +: Elise Andrews: “Beats for You”

Second Place: Ages 6 – 12: Dallysue Griffith “A Million Dreams”; Ages 13 – 15: Trinity Martinez: “Shallow”; Ages 16+: Shantel Schwartz & Thann Shira “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly”

First Place: Ages 6 – 12: Marie and Madison Duman “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”; Ages 13 – 15: Tate and Jill Manley “Blue Suede Shoes”; Age 16 +: Lauren Goldman “Hello”

2019 4-H Family and Consumer Sciences Awards

Constructed Clothing: Beginner – top, Halee Rowland; runner-up (RU), Mikayla Rowland; RU, Alaina Lustig; Intermediate – top, Lydia Stowell; RU, Miranda Klapprich; RU – Josie Graves; advanced – top Mattie Lustig; RU – Halle Klapprich.

Making The Most Of Me: Beginning – top, Halee Rowland; RU, Mikayla Rowland; RU, Reagan Brannan; Intermediate – top, Harlee Brannan; RU – Chloe Rowland; RU – Miranda Klapprich; Advanced – top, Ellea Uhlenkott; RU – Olivia Klapprich; RU – Ciara Chaffee.

Top Model: Constructed Clothing – beginner, Alli Bransford; intermediate, Olivia Klapprich; advanced, Mattie Lustig; Making the Most of Me – beginner, Halee Rowland; intermediate, Lydia Stowell; advanced, Olivia Klapprich.

Top Foods – beginner, Catherine Seubert; intermediate, Ciara Chaffee.

Top Cake Decorating – beginner, Mikayla Rowland; intermediate, Chloe Rowland.

Candace Johnston Top Foods Award: top over-all foods project, Ciara Chaffee.

Top Table Setting: junior, Halee Rowland; intermediate, Miranda Klapprich; senior, Halle Klapprich.

Top Family and Consumer Science Demonstration: junior, Halee Rowland; intermediate, Chloe Rowland; senior, Olivia Klapprich.

Friends of 4-H: Making the Most of Me, Ellea Uhlenkott; sewing, Halle Klapprich; foods, Olivia Klapprich.

2019 4-H Specialty Project Awards

Top Leathercraft: Alaina Lustig

Top Woodworking: Dylan Klapprich

Top Photography: Acacia Blyth

Outstanding Leadership: Olivia Klapprich

Top Citizen Washington Focus Project: Chloe Rowland

Top Know Your Government Project: Chloe Rowland

Top 4-H Specialty Project Awards

Citizenship & Civic Education Division: 1, Chloe Rowland

Communications & Expressive Arts Division: 1, Alaina Lustig; 2, Reid Duclos

Family & Consumer Sciences: 1, Monica Goeckner

Environmental Education & Earth Sciences: 1, Kaylee Graves; 2, Alex Pineda

Science & Technology Division: 1, Miranda Klapprich; 2, Samuel Rehder

Top Speciality Demonstration Awards: intermediate, Dylan Klapprich; senior, Olivia Klapprich

2019 4-H Livestock Awards

Fitting & Showing

Beef: grand champion (GC), Sydney Rylaarsdam; reserve champion (RC), Hallie Klapprich; GC junior, Kane McIntire; RC junior, Halee Rowland; GC intermediate, Riley Enneking; RC intermediate, Phillip Schwartz; GC senior, Sydney Rylaarsdam; RC senior, Halle Klapprich.

Sheep: GC, Paige Layman; RC, Ben Gehring; GC junior, Sierra Oliver; RC junior, Reagan Brannan; GC intermediate, Tate Manley; RC intermediate, Natalie Goeckner; GC senior, Paige Layman; RC senior, Ben Gehring.

Swine: GC, Taryn Godfrey; RC, Levi Gehring; GC junior, Sitka Harris; RC junior, Hailey Hanson; GC intermediate, Levi Gehring; RC intermediate, Lexi Schumacher; GC senior, Madison Pecarovich; RC senior, Jessie Sonnen; FFA GC senior, Taryn Godfrey; FFA RC senior, Caity Johnson.

Rabbit: GC, Rayne Martinez; RC, Rose Sherrer.

Poultry: GC, Aidan Acton; RC, Aaron Frosmann.

Goat: GC, Macy Smith; RC, Naomi Connolley.

Dog – showmanship: GC, Aidan Acton; RC, Sierra Oliver.

Dog – obedience: GC, Julia Rehder; RC, Aidan Acton.

Horse: GC, Garret Wren; RC, Rose Sherrer.

Round Robin Showmanship: GC, Sydney Rylaarsdam; RC, Macy Smith.


Market Beef: GC, Sydney Rylaarsdam; RC, Mason Klapprich.

Market Lamb: GC, Colby Canaday; RC, Natalie Goeckner.

Breeding Ewe: GC, Brooke Bennett.

Market Goat: GC, Rose Sherrer; RC, Mikayla Rowland.

Rabbit: GC, Sypress Martinez; RC, Anthony Frei.

Poultry: GC, Aaron Frosmann; RC, Sophia Gallagher.

4-H Livestock Judging Contest

Top Beef Judge, Halle Klapprich; Top Swine Judge, Alli Geis; Top Sheep Judge, Hope Schwartz; 5th, Noah Beckman; 4th, Katelynn Nail; 3rd, Halle Klapprich; 2nd, Lee Forsmann; 1st, Hope Schwartz.

Rate of Gain Contest: Beef Steer (4.95 pounds/day), Chloe Rowland; Market Lamb (1.20 pounds/day) Sierra Oliver; Market Swine (2.48 pounds/day) Wyatt Dennis.

Top Livestock Record Book Awards: junior, Landon, Riener; intermediate, Dylan Uhlenkott; senior, Olivia Klapprich.

Top Horse Record Book Award: Mattie Lustig

Top Secretary Book: Lauren Graves

Top Agricultural Demonstration: junior, Maggie Nuxoll; intermediate, Ellie Nuxoll; senior, Halle Klapprich.

4-H Herdsmanship Award: Cottonwood Saddliers

Top Community Service Project Poster: Kamiah Woodland Livestock

Sarah George Memorial Scholarship: Paige Layman

Outstanding Hereford Award: Kace Munger

Larges Percentage of Beef Projects: Cottonwood Saddliers

Champion Breeding Beef Female Awards: RC, Hailey Hanson; GC, Sydney Rylaarsdam

Top Feeder Pig Project Award: 2nd, McKinley Harris; 1st, Christopher Schumacher

Top Over-All Swine Project Award: Wyatt Crea

Top Over-All Sheep Project Award: Paige Layman

Top Over-All Beef Project Award: Sydney Rylaarsdam

Top Over-All Agriculture Project: Rose Sherrer

Dave Klapprich Memorial Award: Kate Lustig

Idaho County Volunteer Leaders Distinguished Service Award: Tara and Brent Rowland

Senior Mugs – Six graduating senior 4-H members: Molly DeFord (8 year, Fenn Livestock 4-H), Caity Johnson (5 year, Fenn Livestock 4-H), Kate Lustig (11 year, Rebel Riders 4-H), Kace Munger (10 year, Keuterville Livestock 4-H), Madison Pecarovich (10 year, Greencreek Active Workers 4-H), Chevelle Shepherd (10 year, Riggins Canyon 4-H).

Ambassador Awards: Colby Canaday, Caity Johnson, Paige Layman, Rose Sherrer, Dani Sonnen, Jessie Sonnen.

Idaho County Fair Royalty 2020

The Idaho County Fair Royalty for 2020: Queen – Halle Klapprich of Cottonwood; first princess – Paige Layman of Grangeville; second princess – Madison Shears of Cottonwood; Miss Congeniality – Rose Sherrer of Grangeville.

Idaho County Fair Parade

Commercial entries: 1st-Cottonwood Community Federal Union; 2nd Dog Bark Park; 3rd-Professional Realty.

Royalty: 1st-ldaho County Fair Royalty; 2nd-Lewis County; 3-Cottonwood Summer Great.

Equestrians: Cottonwood Riding Club

Non-profit: 1st-VFW; 2nd-St. Mary’s Hospital; 3rd-grand Marshall Bonnie Gehring.

Kiss the Pig Contest

Winner of the Kiss the Pig contest was Jon Rehder, principal at Prairie Jr./Sr. High School.

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