County buying $17K in equipment for airport grounds, spending $50K digitizing records

Idaho County Courthouse

GRANGEVILLE — Concern for a bridge – mainly, for who would be liable for injuries and repairs if it failed under freight weight – is expected to hold up new Orogrande-area gold digs for a month or more while Idaho County researches road history details and prepares to enter an agreement that may involve residents and the company now leasing the old Friday Mine.

Following an Aug. 7 Idaho County Commission meeting, the Lewiston Tribune reported Wednesday morning, Aug. 8, that a project by Sweden-based Endomines could yield 75,000 ounces of gold while employing 10-plus workers for seven to 10 years.

In other county commission news, the board approved leasing two new road graders and an excavator from Caterpillar at a cost of more than $111,000 annually for the next five years. With commissioner Mark Frei absent, commissioners Skip Brandt and Denis Duman also approved a resolution transferring $663,488 – the amount of tax dollars levied from county road and bridge taxpayers during the current fiscal year – to a trust account that was established July 24. Last Wednesday, Aug. 1, at [], the Free Press reported the commission’s decision not to levy the Secure Rural Schools federal funding replacement tax in 2019, and the commission’s intent to set the tax dollars aside until the next time SRS does not come in.

The commissioners also considered two conundrums: One on whether to compel citizens to bring into conformity their addresses, which were established in error decades ago, and another on whether to rewrite a county ordinance to allow the commission to grant a waiver for a trailer used not as a residence, but an office.

Regarding the first, the commissioners decided they ought to correct the addressing error, which could otherwise cause confusion for emergency response to Clearwater Ranches Subdivision, and that they ought to allow those affected plenty of time to make the changes.

Regarding the second, the commissioners decided they ought to alter the ordinance – Ordinance No. 50, which requires construction certificates of manufactured homes – to allow waivers.

Commissioner Denis Duman said he would support a waiver for Infinity Agri Service if company president Mike Kennedy puts in writing a plan to scrap the manufactured unit in question when he’s done using it as an office.

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