GRANGEVILLE – “I walked up and heard some woman pleading for her life,” said Captain, Jim Gorges, Idaho County Sheriff’s Office.

Fortuitous timing by law enforcement last week stopped the savage beating of a woman and resulted in felony charges for a Grangeville man.

Cory L. Hawker, 47, is currently incarcerated in the Idaho County jail with bond set at $100,000. He was arraigned June 2 on charges of aggravated battery, and battery with intent to commit a serious felony; murder. A preliminary hearing is set this Thursday, June 11.

Medical status of the victim, Tammy L. Clark, 50, is unavailable.

Hawker is currently on probation for a prior aggravated battery sentence, of which Idaho County Prosecutor Kirk MacGregor said he would be petitioning a violation order in light of this new case.

Charges resulted from a June 1 incident at a 101 East North Street residence in Grangeville. Prosecutors allege Hawker struck Clark multiple times in the head, face and arms with a metal aluminum bat, with the intent to commit murder, which was prevented by law enforcement.

“It was good timing,” Gorges said, who around 1 p.m. that Monday went to Hawker’s residence to serve a civil protection order on Hawker in an unrelated matter. According to court documents, Gorges heard a female inside yelling, “Please. Don’t. Stop. Why are you doing this?” He then went inside the residence and saw Hawker standing above Clark. Gorges drew his firearm and ordered Hawker to put his hands up and get on the ground, to which he complied.

Cover units were requested, and Sgt. Mike Quintal and Officer Ryan Brown, Grangeville Police Department, responded.

As Hawker was placed in restraints, according to records, Clark was lying on her back with blood on her face, head and hands, and was crying and continuing to yell for Hawker to stop.

As Hawker was placed in the police vehicle, he appeared to have a mild seizure and was barely coherent. He was transported to Syringa Hospital for evaluation and subsequently released for transport to the jail.

According to Quintal’s interview with Clark, after arriving on a bus to patch-up her relationship, an argument ensued and she attempted to leave the residence. Hawker allegedly pulled and pushed her back into the residence. According to the report, at some point he became angry, went into a bedroom and returned with a metal baseball bat. Clark stated he hit her on the top of the head with the bat, and interrogated her while hitting her on the head, arms, legs and bottom of her feet.

From Quintal’s report, Hawker had also threatened to “get a gun.” Clark told me that she was afraid of being harmed and wondered when it would stop.”

According to Clark’s statement, she estimated the incident lasted about 30 minutes and that Hawker was still beating her when Gorges arrived. She stated she was very fearful that Hawker intended to get a gun and kill her.

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How many times will this guy beat the starch out of people before he's locked up for good?

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