Court Records:District/Magistrate, Jan. 3-13, 2019

Edith A. Slickpoo, 31, Fail to maintain vehicle liability insurance, $200;

Steven W. Kernutt, 51, Fail to purchase or invalid driver’s license, $230;

Rachael A. Clines, 38, Fail to purchase or invalid driver’s license, $230;

Genelle E. Artz, 60, Fail to provide information or give false information, $157.50;

Amanda L. Wilson, 22, Drug paraphernalia-use or possess with intent to use, $300, $400 restitution, 12 mos. probation, 60 days jail time, 58 days suspended, 2 days credited;

Anthony J. Nadiger, 19, Fail to purchase or invalid driver’s license, $230;

Jammie Lea Cozakas 36, Fail to purchase or invalid driver’s license, $230;

Rebecca A. Rainey, 38, Driving without privileges, $200, 2 mos. probation, 30 days jail time, 28 days suspended, 2 days credited;

Debra Sue Umphenour, 57, Possession of controlled substance, $197.50, 2 days jail time, 2 days credited;

Jasper G. Thompson, 19, Alcoholic Beverage-under 21 YOA unlawful to sell, serve or dispense, $487.50;

Timothy L. Friel, 37, Operating vehicle without registration or assigned license plates or stickers, $104;

Brandee M. Ross, 25, Dog at large, $72;

Gerald E. Gillaspy, 74, F&G-Fish-Exceed approved number of poles, lines or hooks, $72;

Francisco Alvarez, 26, Motor carrier vehicle over length, $279.


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