Sarah Klement

Sarah Klement, Idaho County Free Press publisher.

This nationwide issue has thrust itself into our lives. National actions are going to impact us further.  And, whether we like it or not, we all must deal with it.

We’re in this together.

The Idaho County Free Press will be following CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 to help minimize the risk to the community, and our employees. We are asking our patrons to call in with any ads, obituaries or information instead of visiting us in person.

It was our hope that our residents in our big, beautiful, isolated county would be less impacted. And we have been, health wise. We have an advantage. We have some time, we have strong local governments, and we have a steadfast community.

Remember- your friends, family and neighbors, the people in our community have real concerns. Real underlying conditions and a chance at getting sick during the peak of the curve everyone has been talking about. We will not all get sick. We will not all need medical care. But we need to protect our most vulnerable.

We believe this community has started to realize that. We’ve started to make difficult decisions, not whether to get a mountain of toilet paper, but to postpone the funerals of loved ones, to cancel baseball games, to forgo fund-raisers.

Make sure you feel safe and prepared. Ignore fear and panic, seek facts. Be confident in your decisions.

But, also, be diligent. Follow guidelines and make sure we Idahoans have the best response the U.S. has seen thus far.

To reiterate Governor Little’s words, “We must not be alarmed, but we must be cautious.”

Our office will remain active. Our dedicated team is working diligently, making sure you get necessary information, the facts.  With sports and other events being cancelled, we will have smaller print editions in the following weeks. Our deliveries will remain on time, and our COVID -19 information will remain in front of the paywall ( 

Now is the time to be kind, be patient and be resilient as we come together for our county.

Our elderly residents may need extra help. Our working mothers and fathers may need some extra support. Our local businesses will be feeling the pinch.

Support them. Support all of them, if you can. Lead with your heart and make sure that Idaho County continues to be a step ahead of the rest. We all know what to do. We’ve all done it before. And, we’re the best at it.

This too shall pass. And we’re survivors. Protectors. A different breed. Idaho County isn’t for the faint of heart- because we have the biggest hearts, and grit.

If you have questions, needs or comments, we’re here for you by phone or e-mail.  We are working around the clock with our local agencies to help meet the informational needs of the community. There will be no questions or concerns that will go unheard at this time. 

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