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In a prepared statement released Saturday, April 25, from Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings:

“The Governor’s COVID 19 order to stay home has caused considerable losses and irreparable damage to rural Idaho County. Though our population has had no active virus cases for some time, the Governor’s order has dramatically restricted our God-given rights and also dismantled our fragile economy. Even when considering that we have had a constant inflow of visitors fleeing the virus from out of state and from metropolitan areas coming here to enjoy our resources, no emergency crisis has developed in our county.

The Governor’s order is enforceable only by city police, county sheriffs, or state police and only then as a misdemeanor citation. I have stated clearly in a prior editorial to the people of this county that the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be issuing citations to citizens who are going about their necessary business.

I trust citizens of Idaho County to continue to be appropriately cautious of possible virus exposure as I encourage them to go about their daily lives.”

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Sounds like a double edge sword to me that the sheriff is facing. If he goes along with the governor’s orders and starts citing local citizens he’s a bully if he ignores the governors orders and someone gets sick then he’s incompetent. If the governor was serious about keeping the state clean he would close it to all outside visitors and allow the counties to conduct business is as they see fit. In this situationWe are no reported cases have been made in the Grangeville, Id. or you and I think the Sheriff is doing correct in allowing people to go on practicing safe measures and continuing with their normal daily lives.

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