Coronavirus prepared

Many Free Press readers – and those across the nation – have been stocking up on cold and flu items as well as soap, toilet paper and other products in wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

As coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to rise throughout the world, local plans are in effect for when the virus hits Idaho County.

Local hospitals have protocol in place for dealing with any potential infected persons, and schools are reminding patrons to stay home when they are ill.

“Mountain View School District will continue to monitor the health of our students and staff throughout the school year regarding all illnesses,” acting superintendent Woody Woodford said in a district-wide message last week.

Also in a district-wide e-mail message for Cottonwood Joint School District 242, Prairie High School principal, Jon Rehder, said, “Should we have a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our staff and students.”

In Salmon River Joint School District 243, superintendent Jim Doramus said in an open letter, “The school district is taking extra precautions sanitizing surfaces and objects that are touched often.” This includes desks, countertops, doorknobs, computers and faucet handles.

“Be assured the health and safety of our students and staff are a priority of the administration and board,” Doramus added.

All schools are reminding parents of North Central District Health Department recommendations, including to stay home when sick until after at least 24 hours after fever is gone (without use of fever-reducing medications); cover coughs or sneezes with a bent arm or tissue and wash hands afterward; wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; keep hands away from nose, mouth and eyes when possible; avoid sharing food, drinks or other personal care items; get your influenza vaccine (it’s not too late); and make sure you are up to date on your vaccinations against Pertussis (DTAP).   For questions call the NCDHD at 208-983-2842.

The Free Press asked its readers via a Facebook post, “Have you done anything to prepare for the possibility of the coronavirus hitting home? If so, what?” Following are some of the responses.

*Chase Jericho Haage: Yes. Not having any friends. You can't get infected if you are never exposed to people.

*Jenna Boggan: Melaleuca oil. In my nose and on my tongue.

*Rita Henderson Mundt: Not stressing about it is the best cure. Wash your hands, live your life!

*Andrea Thomas: That’s what I’m working on today. Making practical lists and purchases. I’d rather be a little over prepared and not need it.

*Fred Stevens: I do not expect a pandemic at this point, but if it occurs, there is very little to be done. Current incidence is statistically similar to seasonal flu according to two nurses I know. Mortality rates are similar. Eat right, wash hands regularly. Resist fear.

*Rachel Taylor-Diaz: On Guard [doTERRA oil], daily!

*Yolanda Stout: Tons of Clorox wipes. Hand soap.

*Avery A Russell: Vitamin C, B12, soap and hand sanitizer, wash hands, maybe limit how much you go out in public to just necessary stuff. Some people are stocking up on food and water?

*Leslie Vopat: Vitamin C and elderberry... eat well, stay hydrated, exercise to keep in your best health. Wash hands frequently. What else can we really do? Oh yeah, pray!

*Reyna Phil: Going to talk to a lawyer Monday. Get our affairs in order. With the latest infusion, I have zero immune system right now. That will get better, but I really need to be realistic. [That’s] Why I wear a mask in public everywhere. Patrick is taking it seriously for my well-being, as well. However, if I do end up dying, I'm proud I got to see River grow as much as he did. And I'm okay with dying today knowing that he will be okay and get to live. That's all that matters to me

*Carrie Edwards Marek: Hand sanitizer and hand washing along with Melalueca oil and shopping local products that are made in the U.S.

*Loren Bigg: Wash your hands, hand sanitizer if you’re out. Don’t buy any food products from China!

*Steve Aiken: Stopped drinking Coronas.

*DeAnn Rauzi: If it becomes pandemic, I plan to stay home and discourage/deny visitors. If I must go out, wear a medical grade mask, wraparound protective eye wear and disposable gloves. Avoid crowds and mass transit (not a problem in Grangeville), especially hospitals and clinics as they won't be able to help you anyway, and you may just catch it there. If you can get hand sanitizer that kills viruses, then that is good, but most of them only kill bacteria. Wash hands frequently with warm water and soap. Don't touch eyes, nose or mouth. Apparently, people can be infected for 2-5 days without knowing it and still be infectious after they get over it, and it can live on surfaces up to five days. But don't panic! That is my plan.

*Cody Edwards: I’ve heard the only way to combat the coronavirus is to buy a minimum of 20 acres bare land with Cody Edwards-Professional Realty Services and isolate yourself. He can get you in touch with a lender that will finance if you don't have the cash available. All other methods to prevent the spread have shown to be ineffective.

*Becky Sorensen: Doing my normal. Cleaning handles and doorknobs and toilet flusher knob daily. I wash my hands more than 50 times a day. Stay home, so yep, my usual!

*Caitlin Joy Hoogland: Worse comes to worst, you can go to the livestock store and get a coronavirus vaccine for animals....

*Dana Louise: Staying home!

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