Syinga limits visitors 1

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the U.S., Syringa Hospital and Clinics is limiting visitors.

GRANGEVILLE -- Syringa Hospital and Clinics cares about the health and well-being of its patients and caregivers. Given that COVID-19 is a potential threat to the community, they must ensure the safety of our facilities and our ability to care for as many patients as possible.

“Safety is our top priority during this time,” a March 23 press release stated.

Effective immediately visitor restrictions will be in place at the hospital campus until further notice. Each patient will be allowed one visitor only in a 24-hour time period. Additionally, a visitor will not be allowed for patients under evaluation for COVID-19 or who have tested positive unless the patient is imminently at the end of their life. Until COVID-19 no longer poses a public health threat, all patients and visitors will be screened.

All visitors must check in at the front desk.

Visitors must meet all four (4) of the following criteria:

•Be at least 18 years of age

•Free of fever for 72 hours (by report or measured, if available)

•Free of an acute severe cough

•Free of shortness of breath

Once visitor is screened by above criteria, visitor will be given a name badge sticker to indicate they have been screened.

Except for transit to and from, visitors are to stay in the patient’s room for the duration of their visit.

Visitors must follow staff instructions regarding hand washing and use of personal protective equipment.


•Clergy/spiritual support personnel as requested by patient or family member will be allowed.

For more information, contact Katy Eimers, Public Information Officer/Human Resources Director,

Syringa limits visitors

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the U.S., Syringa Hospital and Clinics is limiting visitors.

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