July 17-23, 2017

July 17

Grangeville - Injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 218/RT; Injury Accident Graves Crk Rd/RT; Injured deer Hidden Spring Cir; Speeding complaint Mt Idaho Grade; Non-injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 223/RT;

Kooskia - Injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 148/ISP UTL; Injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 151/ISP; Found cell phone Hwy 12; Property line dispute Lynn Ln/CIV; Fire Sally Ann; Natural Death No Horse Ln/RT; Deer vs veh Broadway; Car Alarm Main St; Domestic Battery Arrest of 44 yoa Kooskia man/ARR;

Riggins - Medical Main St; Medical Borah Ave; Citizen Dispute Old Pollock Rd/CIV; Fire Hwy 95 MP 193;

Elk City -Phone outage; Medical;

GPD - Fraud North D St; Domestic Dispute N State St; Welfare Check Lions Park; Assault WN 6th St; VIN N Meadow; VIN S Meadow; Vicious Dog West Side Rd;

CPD - Juvenile problem Clark St; VIN King St;

July 18

Grangeville - Custodial Interference White Bird/CIV; Suspicious FS Rd 279; Injury Accident G'ville Salmon Rd/RT;

Kooskia - Citizen Assist Esther St; Residential Alarm Clearcreek Rd; Medical Larch Rd; Mail Theft Battleridge/NRR; Barking Dogs Spotted Eagle; Domestic Dispute E Pine Ave/NRR;

Riggins - VIN Rapid River; Citizen Dispute Rapid River/NRR; Parking Problem Heath Dr; Speeding complaint Rapid River;

Elk City - Medical Erickson Ridge;

GPD - Medical ES 10th St; Medical S State; Medical South E St; Ambulance Transfer; Loose Dog ES 2nd St; VIN South C St;

CPD - Ambulance Transfer Suspicious North St; Animal Neglect Washington;

July 19

Grangeville - Storage Unit Burglary Hwy 95 Ctwd/RT; Disabled Veh WB Grade; Disabled Veh WB Grade;

Kooskia -Barking Dogs Spotted Eagle; Parking Problem Clearwater St; VIN Hwy 12; Fire Hwy 12/Woodland Rd; Missing juvenile Pine St/Located; Bicycle Theft Hwy 12; Stolen Yard ornaments Ping St; Medical Fountain Ct; Open Container cite of 49 yoa Kooskia man/CTR; Intoxication Hwy 13;

Riggins -Abandon Veh Main St business; Neighbor Dispute Seven Devils Rd/NRR;

Elk City - Civil Standby Red River Rd;

GPD - Funeral Escort; Trespassing South C St; Loose Horse N Hall; Juvenile Problem Main St;

CPD - Business Alarm; Parking Problem Bash St;

July 20

Grangeville - Non-injury Accident WB Grade/UNF; Barking Dog Greencreek Ln; VIN Front St; Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Abandoned Veh Long Haul Rd/Tagged for tow; Domestic Dispute Day Rd/NRR;

Kooskia - Arrest of 35 yoa Kooskia man for: Lewis Co warrant for Aggravated Assault, Felon in possession of firearm, possession of Methamphetamine; P&P Agents Warrant for Probation Violation; Probation Violation, DWP and Possession of Paraphernalia/ARR; Medical Depot St; DWP Cite of 41 yoa Kooskia man/CTR; Custodial Interference Clearwater/CIV; Fraud Stites Rd/CIV; Barking Dog Jerry's Terrace; Neighbor dispute Hwy 12; Traffic Offense Hwy 12; Barking Dogs Spotted Eagle; Child Abuse/TRA Lewiston; Bonfire Hwy 12/UTL; Possible DUI Hwy 12; Emergency Beacon Upper Bear Lake/UNF;

Riggins - Medical Heath Dr; Medical S Main St;

Elk City - Found Firearms Orogrande;

GPD - Found Wallet N Meadow; Loose Dog Scott St; Threatening North A St; Ambulance Transfer; Medical Main St; Water Problem N Junction; Ambulance Transfer;

CPD - Property Damage East St;

July 21

Grangeville - Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Citizen Dispute Poor Farm Rd; Fire Adams Camp; Debris in rd Hwy 95; Barking Dogs G'ville Salmon Rd; Juvenile Party UTL;

Kooskia - Suspicious vehicle Stites; Overdose Hillside Dr; Non-injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 131/TRA ISP; Bicycle Theft Pine Ave/NRR; DWP Cite of 37 yoa Plains MT man Hwy 12/CTR; Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia Cite of 42 yoa Oceano Ca man Hwy 12/CTR; Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia Cite of 45 yoa Whitefish MT man Hwy 12/CTR; Field Fire Beaverslide; Non-injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 133/RT; Threatening Hwy 162/NRR;

Riggins -Disorderly City Park;

Elk City - No calls for service

GPD - Barking Dog S Meadow; Medical WN 7th;

CPD - Juvenile Problem Madison Ave;

July 22

Grangeville - Injured Hawk Fairview Rd; Ambulance Transfer Airport; Non-Injury Accident Greencreek Rd/RT; Snake bite Tolo Lake; Possible DUI Soltman Rd;

Kooskia - Barking Dogs Spotted Eagle; Barking Dogs Lightning Cr; Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia Cite of 40 yoa Missoula, MT man Hwy 12/CTR; Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia Cite of 46 yoa Missoula woman Hwy 12/CTR; Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, Pedestrian Under the Influence Cite of 27 yoa Brea, CA man Hwy 12/CTR; Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia Arrest of 26 yoa Albany, CA woman Hwy 12/ARR; Eluding Cite of Kooskia juvenile; Medical Selway Rd; Welfare Check Liberty Reach Rd; Animal Neglect Hill St/TRA Tribal;

Riggins -Medical Hwy 95; Civil Standby Rapid River

Elk City - Medical Crooked River Rd;

GPD - Medical E South St; Threatening EN 2nd St; Disorderly N side town;

CPD - No calls for service

July 23

Grangeville - Residential Alarm Hwy 13; Injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 236.5/TRA ISP; Cow in rd Hwy 95 MP 237; Injured deer Stites Rd;

Kooskia - Suspicious Person Little Smith Crk; Barking Dog Ridgewood Dr; Threatening Hwy 14/NRR; Business/License problem Front St/NRR; Injury ATV Accident Wall Creek Rd/RT; Deer vs veh Leitch Creek; DUI Arrest of 56 yoa G'ville man Hwy 12; Attempt to locate El Dorado; Suspicious persons Stites;

Riggins -Medical Old Pollock Rd;

Elk City - No calls for service

GPD - Overdose E Main St; Ambulance Transfer; Citizen Dispute North D St; Ambulance Transfer; Medical WN 7th St; Suspicious person North St;

CPD - No calls for service

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