Marie Cox

Marie Cox stands outside one of the dog run kennels at her home on Dewey Saddle Road.

GRANGEVILLE – A few years ago, Marie Cox began to tire of working retail and not having enough family time. She had also spent many years as a farrier and felt the need for a change.

“As I began to get older, my body just wasn’t taking horse showing the same anymore,” she smiled.

Cox began to look at other ways to make a living.

“I love animals, and I felt the need in our community for dog grooming, as well as a place for people to board their pets while they are out of town,” she said.

Thus was born “Marie Cox Dog Grooming and Boarding, LLC.”

Cox and her family, Kirsten Jensen and their son, Colton, who will soon be 7, have property on Dewey Saddle Road just about seven miles outside of Grangeville toward Harpster.

“We had the room and thought, ‘why not?’” she said.

Although she said she knew the business would tie her down to the home front much of the time, she also knew it would allow her more family time.

Cox learned grooming through on-line videos and hands-on trial and error.

“I’ve come a long way in the past year,” she smiled. She has a building for grooming, which includes a grooming stand, large wash tub and blow dryer. This building also includes room for the boarding of small and/or older dogs.

“There are sometimes small, elderly dogs like this little dog,” she petted a grayed, blind and nearly-deaf speckled dachshund sleeping in a large, black kennel, “who just need to stay in and don’t move about a whole lot.”

The business also consists of a separate building with four large dog runs, with two more going in this month.

“I have had to turn people away because the kennels are full, and I don’t like to do that. The addition will help some,” Cox said.

“There are some dogs who can spend time together – others who can’t,” she explained. “I only put dogs together in a kennel who live together and like to be together. Otherwise, everyone is separated.”

The property also has two larger fenced areas where dogs can run and explore.

“I figure out who likes it and who doesn’t – they’re all so different,” she said.

Cox requires all dogs to have their rabies, distemper (which includes Parvo) and kennel cough vaccinations. Dogs do not have to be neutered or spayed; however, females should not be in heat. She will take dogs of any size and as young as 5 or 6 months old.

The dog kennels are air conditioned and heated and are equipped with access inside and out through a pet door. Dogs walk outside onto a cushioned padding. They are walked several times a day, either in the enclosures or by leash. Bowls are provided; customers bring their own food in a plastic container or a Ziplock bag, as well as their own bed or blanket.

“It’s really working out well,” she said. “Our son loves animals, too, and is able to help out. It’s a great place – being 10 minutes from town, but not having close neighbors. And I’m busy, so that’s good.”

Marie Cox Dog Grooming and Boarding, LLC, is located at 132 Dewey Saddle Road, Grangeville. Find her on Facebook; e-mail; or call 208-661-4788.

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