Missoula Children's Theatre's Gulliver's Travels

Last year’s Missoula Children's Theatre performance of Gulliver’s Travels included more than 50 local youth.

GRANGEVILLE -- Join the Emperor, his friends and subjects, and the busy Silkworms this Friday, Feb. 8, when the Missoula Children's Theatre and more than 50 local students present an original musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

This will be presented at 7 p.m. at the Grangeville Elementary Middle School multi-purpose room. Tickets are $5/adult and $3/child and are available at the door. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Playing the title character of the Emperor is local student Sawyer Astle. Other featured performers include Jefferson Good as ManyPenny, Kaylee Pikus as Royal Scholar Roxy, and Carlee Pikus as Royal Scholar Red. The Kings will be Anneliese Bearden, Elli Klapprich, Madison Fredrickson and Wyatt Dennis, and the Queens will be Makenna Denuit, Gabby Nelson, Caryss Barger and Tabitha Stoner. The Money Council will be played by Elizabeth McGeorge, Tori Smith, Sara Kaschmitter, Hailie Crowl, Shawn Chahal, Madison Melendez, Kaylee Sullivan and Addie Crowl. Gem is McKenna Elliot while the Royal Jewelers are Kylea Clemenhagen, Haylee Metz, Mia Nelson, Samantha Spencer and Jenna Denuit. Boots is Ava Pepin and the Royal Cobblers are Carson Barger, Avery Munns, Callie Weisz, Presley Johnson and Dawson Sears. The Royal Hatters will be played by Ksenya Barela, Caoimhe Crowl, Sydnee Long, Kylea Finley, Alex Rogers will be led by Ella Denuit as Lid. The Royal Tailors will be played by Bella Musick, Isabella Winder, Carli Strausser and Maylee Wasem, and Ruby Willis will be Stitch. And finally, the Royal Silkworms will be played by Juliana Nelson, Isabella Nelson, Julia Klapprich, Charlie Lane, Lydia Yama, Lilly Spencer, Tripp Schmadeka, Aleena Wynder, Aubrey Davis, Chloe Weisz, Emily Elliott, Gigi Hudson, Audra Wooler, Molly Blinn, Jesee Pikus and Maggie Matthews. Cloey Winder, Abigail Forsgren, Eliana Dent and Ammon Pikus have served as assistant directors throughout the week.

The Missoula Children's Theatre residency in Grangeville is sponsored by the Kids Klub, Inc., with support from Up Front Construction and GEMS, facility host. For information, call the Kids Klub at 208-983-2285.

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