Love is Love

Love is Love is one of the books Richard Negus raised concerns about with the Grangeville City Council.

GRANGEVILLE – Inappropriate books and materials were a concern for resident Richard Negus, who wants the City of Grangeville to get ahead of what he sees as a potential problem.

Negus spoke to the city council at its Aug. 5 meeting about his local concerns, noting problems he sees in larger Idaho communities and nationally will eventually end up coming here.

“I talked to a helper at the library, who said they’ve had quite a few parents come in and say there are inappropriate materials their kids are getting a hold of,” Negus said.

He referenced a national librarians conference where the agenda was for placement of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) books and implementing drag queen story hours for children. Two of the books he referenced, Love is Love and My Brother’s Husband, are aimed at children regarding the LGBTQ lifestyle.

A review of the VALNet online catalogue (online at, which includes the Grangeville Centennial Library, did not find these books in the system collection. VALNet is a consortium of public and school libraries in north central Idaho and southeastern Washington.

“I know this is controversial, but kids, kindergarten through sixth, reading this kind of material is priming them, and I think it’s way wrong myself,” Negus said. “It’s all over Moscow and Boise, and I know in this little town they haven’t come here yet, but I bet they will end up coming here. They want to get it into all libraries.”

Negus asked on whether the library has safeguards that monitor inappropriate materials for children, and how books are approved. Councilor Beryl Grant responded an appointed library board oversees the program, and the council has one of its members as part of that board.

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