Forest Service applying for state rec grant funding

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest is applying for grant funding.

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest is currently applying for state grant funding through three Idaho Parks and Recreation funds: the Recreational Road and Bridge Program, the Recreation Trails Program and the Off Road Motor Vehicle program. The grants would supplement funding for the following:

$110,000 to match Forest Service funding for historic access to 16.6 miles of the Lolo Motorway between Pete Forks and Liz Butte Road junctions. The project is located in the North Fork and Lochsa-Powell ranger districts and is designed to improve recreational access within the historic corridor. The requested grant funds will be matched with $50,000 of Forest Service funds in addition to federal in-kind match.

$11,400 to match partner funding for repair of two popular interpretive trails with trailheads along the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway (Highway 12). The project is located in the Lochsa-Powell Ranger District and is designed to improve hiker access on easily accessible and popular interpretive trails. The requested grant funds will be matched with $12,500; a combination of shared Forest Service and partner funds with volunteer assistance from high school, academy and job corps youth.

$84,600 to match Forest Service and partner funding is to clear a backlog of brush and windfalls and repair and stabilize trail tread on approximately 146 miles of motorized trails, providing single and double tracked motorized opportunities as well as enhanced hiking, mountain biking and equestrian opportunities for trail users. The project is located on the Potlatch, North Fork, Lochsa/Powell, Moose Creek, Salmon River and Red River Ranger Districts and is designed to improve multi-user trails. The requested grant funds will be matched with approximately $18,750 for trail maintenance work and $15,500 for trailhead work. The match is a combination of shared Forest Service and partner funds including youth corps partners. While not included in the match, many of these miles are opened annually by local volunteer groups assisted with State Trail Ranger program employees and funds.

Contact Carol Hennessey at (208) 935-4270 for more information or email Letters of Support for projects to

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