With all that happened in 2020 ­— including a worldwide pandemic and tedious election processes both nationally and locally — it has been easy to let the challenging times overshadow the good.

Free Press readers recently chimed in on some of their good memories from 2020 as well as what they did to celebrate and ring in 2021.

“I had two new beautiful grandchildren after losing 12 family members in 2019, which was rough,” said Yolanda Stout of Grangeville. “So, being blessed with new members of our tribe was wonderful.”

John Nida of Cottonwood said for 2021 he hopes to travel more. He was also blessed with a granddaughter in 2020.

“Our health is good, and, knock on wood, no COVID crap,” commented Cheryle Miller of Grangeville. “Plus, our oldest granddaughter got married. In 2021, I’m looking forward to cruising! I have had three cruises cancelled since October.”

Jodi Weisz, who recently relocated to Grangeville, said in 2020 she was able to spend “a ton of quality time with my kids and uncles!” She celebrated the new year with a spaghetti lunch with family, overlooking the mountain.

Bernadette Edwards of Grangeville and her family got a little hot for the new year.

“We piled up as many scrap pieces of wood from our family estate as we could and had a raging bonfire with friends,” she said. “We burned some significant 2020 items and had fireworks.”

Tracie Pottenger of Riggins celebrated the beginning of 2021 in a big way with her family:

“We flew to Mexico,” she smiled.

What did Kooskia’s Marie Smith do for the new year?

“Eat, sleep, watch TV, repeat,” she laughed. We also know she had some masked porch visitors — granddaughters, nieces and more; however, 2020 did bring the death of her 102-year-old mother, Martha Engledow, on Dec. 26.

“I miss our phone calls every day,” Smith said.

Cammy Greig of Grangeville has a rough start to 2021:

“I’m recovering from COVID,” she stated.

Frances Conklin of Cottonwood had some good memories from 2020 that included spending time in nature.

“I went to the same location in the mountains above White Bird 17 times between May and November to follow the wildflower season, documenting about 100 different species,” she said. “For 2021, with more site visits and research, by the end of the year my plans are to publish a flower identification guide.”

To celebrate the new year, she reviewed past diary entries, made a scalloped potato casserole to go with leftover Christmas ham, and “played Scrabble with my husband and awoke to neighbor’s midnight fireworks.”

Susan Johnson of Grangeville spent the day as probably many did: “I took down decorations and tree and stacked up some wood — then nothing,” she said.

Kelly Nelson Newson of Grangeville spent New Year’s Eve watching “War with Grandpa” with her grandkids and playing games.

“And we laughed a lot,” added her daughter-in-law, Heather Newson, also of Grangeville.

Rachel Docherty Young, Grangeville, spent time in Spokane with her family for doctor appointments and stayed at an Air BNB, complete “with fireworks from the neighborhood”

Lynette Forsman Lothspeich, Grangeville, had a blessed 2020 for the fact her first grandson was born.

“I also learned to use both Zoom and Google classroom — at least enough to get by,” she said.

“On New Year’s Eve day, I cleaned my oven because New Year’s Eve noisemakers should not include smoke alarms!” Lothspeich joked.

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