GHS’s Stefani honored with Webb community giving award

Grangeville schools music teacher Kathy Stefani was awarded a souvenir conductor’s baton by the Grangeville Community Foundation May 4. Stefani was the recipient of the 2016 Orrin and Eleanora Webb Community Giving Award.

GRANGEVILLE — “I am so honored to be the recipient of this award,” smiled Kathy Stefani at the Grangeville High School concert May 4.

Stefani was recognized with the 2016 Orrin and Eleanora Webb Community Giving Award from the Grangeville Community Foundation.

“Orrin would be particularly pleased because he loved music and appreciated it so much when Kathy’s choral groups sang for him,” announced Jane Spencer, board member with GCF. “And he appreciated her efforts to make the Grangeville schools music department shine.”

Stefani told how she lived down the street from Webb and would take Varsity Blue there to sing for him.

“He was a great supporter of our program and he loved to have us sing for him, so this is an extra special award,” Stefani said.

Spencer explained how Stefani has taken the effort to make sure every child who wants to play an instrument has an instrument, whether they can afford it or not.

“She has applied for grants to buy instruments and equipment like risers and to repair instruments and asked community members to sponsor children who can’t afford the fees,” she said.

“I admire and respect Kathy for all these things, but most of all for the wonderful example she sets for the kids. She shows them the joy of doing your job well, with enthusiasm, quiet competence and confidence. She involves the community as she can,” Spencer added. “Giving of herself is what she does, which is what philanthropy is.”

Included in the night’s awards from GCF was $250 for the GHS music department and $250 for the Grangeville Elementary Middle School music department.

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