I have known Doug Giddings and his wife, Marilyn, for over 20 years. I know that Sheriff Giddings is honest, stable and consistent. He is a man with fine moral character. He understands our constitutional rights and will defend us from outside agencies that have no power in our county without the sheriff’s approval. I for one want to make sure we stay the course with our conservative county.

I find it shocking to see this campaign for sheriff has turned into such a smear campaign. There have been so many unfounded rumors against the sheriff and his deputies. It is curious to see the comments that Mr. Martinez, the source of much of this gossip and rumors, will bring honesty and transparency back into the sheriff’s department. He wants “a return to ethics?” Sheriff Giddings has done a lot to clean up our county from corruption from the “good old boys club” of those kinds of ethics. I for one have not forgotten what it was like with the last administration and am not willing to risk going back to that mess with Martinez and his supporters, ex-deputies from the last administration.

Darlene Smith


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