Have you ever had the euphoric experience of reaching in your pocket and finding an unexpected $20 bill? Imagine the feeling of finding an even larger amount of forgotten money.

“Idaho’s Unclaimed Property Division (UCP) receives millions of dollars in unclaimed money from businesses and organizations that have lost contact with the owners. We encourage people to check our website each year,” said Julie Ellsworth, Idaho State Treasurer.

In 2018, UCP received more than $15 million in cash and more than 5 million shares of stock. Add that to the amount of money from prior years and it averages out to about 1 in 3 Idahoans having unclaimed money.

What exactly are unclaimed properties? Common types include: • Dormant bank accounts • Uncashed checks • Rebate or refund checks • Safe deposit box contents • Insurance claim payments • Stock or bond dividends.

The listed of names in the side story is the last list of names the Free Press will print, due to a policy change from the Unclaimed Property Division (UCP). Formerly, the division shared names of individuals who had property available with selected news sources. Since UCP does not maintain a list of names with unclaimed property that can be released in response to Public Record requests (Idaho Code title 74 chapter 1), they will no longer provide these lists to any other requestors, including newspaper publishers.

According to Jayne Robinson, program specialist, Idaho Unclaimed Property, UCP will continue to place at minimum a quarterly ad directing individuals and companies to search YourMoney.Idaho.gov to see if there is any unclaimed property under their name. This is in accordance with Idaho Code § 14-518.

Visit the UCP website at YourMoney.Idaho.gov and search for your name. If you find your name, you can instantly file a claim. This begins the claim process, which ultimately will end with a payment being mailed to you once the verification process is completed.

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