GRANGEVILLE – For the upcoming fiscal year, the Grangeville City Council approved a total $6,008,775 budget, up nearly 2 percent from the current operating amount.

The council adopted the fiscal year 2020 budget during its regular meeting Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Within the budget are several fund increases.

The water fund will receive 13.5 percent more this coming fiscal year, up $126,398 for a total $1,057,450. According to city administrator, Tonya Kennedy, this reflects budgeting for a possible land purchase, preventative well maintenance, and a $63,000 generator for Park well.

The sewer fund total is $1,368,865, up 7.8 percent ($99,000) from FY19. Proposed expenditures include facility improvements and a step screen purchase for the wastewater plant, and a trailer-mounted generator for the lift station.

The sanitation fund increased 5.5 percent ($32,900) for a total $629,100. This reflects a 4.6 percent cost increase requested in July by solid waste collection provider, Walco,. Inc., due to the rise in insurance, licensing and keeping employees.

Two significant fund decreases in the adopted budget are in recreation and streets.

The recreation fund was decreased by 50.7 percent (down $294,280) for a total $285,610. This is due to fund budgeted this year for proposed improvements at Pioneer Park related to the performance band shell project. As the project is not yet ready to begin, city monies were not included for FY20.

The street fund dropped by $334,100 from FY19 (39.7 percent) for a total $506,950. According to Kennedy, a seal coat project will not be budgeted for FY20, and the council decided against purchasing a curb and gutter machine that was included in FY19.

Seventeen percent of the FY20 budget is funded through property taxes, proposed revenue of which is $1,026,949, up 3.4 percent from FY19.

Several fee increases were approved as part of the FY20 budget adoption.

Sanitation cost increases will raise the monthly cost of trash totes: up 88 cents for residential for a total $19.98, and up $2.85 for commercial for a total $31.50

Both water and sewer rates will be increasing. The sewer base monthly rate (in-town) will go from $42.18 to $44.24, and out-of-town rates will go from $84.36 to $88.48.

The monthly water base rate (260 cubic feet or less) will be $18.72 for in-town (up 87 cents) and $37.44 for out-of-town (up $1.74).

Fees for Snowhaven Ski and Tubing Hill are generally increasing by $1 across most categories. So, for example, a day ski pass will now cost $20, and a combo ski and tubing pass will cost $28.

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