Failure to negotiate a curve resulted in the death of a Grangeville woman on State Highway 14 last week.

Gail L. Fogleman, 45, died at the scene as a result of injuries suffered in the two-vehicle crash.

The incident was reported last Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 1:21 p.m., at milepost 19, according to an Idaho County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO) report. Fogleman was driving a 1995 Toyota Tercel westbound, and Tyler Kulla, 33, of Elk City, was driving a 2010 Ford F550 Forest Service vehicle eastbound.

According to the report, Kulla was negotiating a curve in his lane when the Toyota failed to turn and struck the side of his pickup, the impact pushing him sideways and coming to a stop on the right edge of his lane. The Toyota spun around 170 degrees and went approximately 100 feed down the roadway from the point of impact. From vehicle tracks at the scene, the ICSO investigator stated it appeared Fogleman hand not attempted to brake or turn before impact. Fogleman’s phone showed her receiving a message at the time of the crash, which she may have been looking at or may have fallen asleep, according to the report.

Kulla was wearing a seat belt and was not injured. Fogleman was not wearing a seat belt, though airbags did deploy in the Toyota.

Scene assistance was provided by Syringa Ambulance and the Idaho Transportation Department. Miles Towing provided wrecker services for both vehicles.

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