GRANGEVILLE -- For Grangeville’s Bernadette Edwards, COVID masked itself with other illnesses she was used to.

“I have asthma, and I get a bronchitis infection a cope of times a year usually,” she said.

In August, her grandmother had come to visit from the Tri Cities and the whole family went rafting. When her grandmother got home, she had texted she had a horrible headache.

Edwards was feeling a little off with her breathing, and, with another raft trip planned – this one a week long – she went to the doctor and got on her regular medication of prednisone.

A former teacher at Grangeville Elementary Middle School, she had been studying for her real estate test and went to Lewiston, with husband, Cody, to take it.

“Since I hadn’t been feeling well, I was continually masked up,” she said.

The couple ate lunch in Lewiston, and she said she had trouble tasting the balsamic vinaigrette, which seemed odd.

“But I was thinking about the test and went and took it,” she said. (She passed).

When they went to get ice-cream and she couldn’t taste that, she knew something was wrong. In the meantime, her grandma had let her know she was still sick and was getting tested for COVID-19.

“Grandma came back as positive and I went and got tested. The test was so uncomfortable – it hurt. I would not wish that on anyone,” she said of the deep nasal cavity swab.

She continued to feel light-headed, tired and had some breathing issues when she found she had tested positive.

Daughter, Eliana, a freshman at Grangeville High School, could not go back to school until she had a negative test.

“We just did it so she could get back to school and volleyball,” Edwards said. “She did not have any symptoms – but she tested positive.”

The family has laid low for the past three-plus weeks. Third-grader, Radek, is doing on-line school but was bummed he could not play football for a while, Edwards said, much as Eliana was bummed about missing volleyball.

Edwards said she was able to manage with rest, Netflix binging and some Excedrin and ibuprofen.

“It wasn’t awful for me, but I know it’s not a joke and it’s different for everyone,” she said. “I do look forward to things getting back to normal.”

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