Fry returns to Grangeville golf course, plans busy summer

Golf has been a rewarding pursuit for Steve Fry. The game has taken him all over the country, for work and for play. This year, it brought Steve and his wife, Debbie, back to the clubhouse at Grangeville Country Club.

Steve and Debbie Fry have been around the game of golf since they were young.

Having run the Grangeville Country Club pro shop for a stint during 1983 and 1984, the Frys have been working together in golf for practically more than four decades

“Debbie and I met in Texas in 1976,” he said. “I was an assistant pro at a country club there, and she was going to Texas Tech. She came home one weekend and we met there...”

“At the country club my parents belonged to,” she said.

“...and we’ve been together ever since,” he said.

“Golf brought us together,” she said. “Her mother introduced us,” he said.

The game has brought them many friendships over the years, including Greg and Val Stone, who Steve said made an invitation that brought them back to the Grangeville course. The Frys had been RVing in recent years, but when the Stones suggested they might come back to Grangeville, they welcomed the chance.

“We wanted to find a place to work seasonally back in the golf business,” Steve said. “Our good friends told me about an opening here, and here we are, doing the same thing, managing the shop and the bar and the restaurant. There are a lot of people we still know from 35 years ago.”

Fry touted improvements to the golf course as one of the big differences since the 1980s.

“The trees have grown up and the turf has filled out,” he said.

Stormy, wet April and May made for a slow start, but Steve said he’s anticipating business will pick up with improving weather — and with a full slate of activities on the agenda.

“Memorial Day through Labor Day is our really busy time,” he said. “We’ve got a lot plannined in the next hundred days.”

That includes building up a Friday night couples league as well as scheduling more outside events — chiefly, annual tournaments, including regulars such as the Knights of Columbus and new ones such as a Pizza-and-Par-Three kids tournament and a Camas Prairie Junior Tournament later in the summer.

“We’re trying to build up some excitement and get people out here to play golf and enjoy this beautiful place,” he said.

The public is welcome and the restaurant features a full bar — a secret margarita recipe — and a regular menu: burgers, brats, appetizers, Friday night fish fry and monthly dinner specials.

“We’ve got the deck here, and hopefully we’ll have some live music occasionally,” he said. “People don’t have to be a member or anything to come out.”

The pro shop offers lessons, equipment and good company.

“It’s a short season, it’s a beautiful place, it’s a nice little golf course in great condition,” he said. “Over the years people have put a lot of time in to make it a happy, happy place to come and be with people and just enjoy.”

Contact Steve and Debbie Fry at 208-983-1299 for more info.

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