Dean Kalmukos

Dean Kalmukos has 21 years of home inspection experience as the owner of K&K Consultants Home Inspections and More LLC.

KAMIAH – “I want people to be informed – educated – about who they are hiring for home inspection services,” stated Dean Kalmukos.

Kalmukos has 21 years of home inspection experience as the owner of K&K Consultants Home Inspections and More LLC.

His knowledge began with 8 years of general contracting in Concord, Ohio, before moving to Kamiah. He retired as a ships Captain after 20+ years of sea service and began contracting work in Kamiah in January of 1999.

“I soon learned I couldn’t really compete in that field with locals who had been here for so long, and I wanted a job that was providing a needed service,” he said. A contractor friend told him home inspection was a needed service in the region.

Kalmukos began to study and educate himself on home inspections.

“I took a correspondence course and, as well, had hands-on experience,” he said. He is a member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspecting) and is ASHI and AHIT (American Home Inspector Training) nationally certified. He has a Washington State license and is insured and bonded for Idaho, as well, although Idaho has no licensure process or regulations pertaining to home inspections.

Kalmukos said a home inspection is for both the seller and the buyer, as well as the person who simply wants to preserve their home, and includes a thorough, in-depth visual examination of the structure and operating components of the home, performed by a trained professional. Upon request, complete testing is available for radon, water, lead, mold and asbestos. Pest inspections are also available.

“These are very serious inspections that can make or break a sale,” he explained, adding his home examinations generally take three to four hours, sometimes longer is needed.

Kalmukos said one big lie exists in Idaho County when it comes to building, and that is “there is no code.”

“Of course there is – the State of Idaho sets the code for the entire state,” he said. “Builders must at least build to this set of standards, this law of code requirements.”

The biggest issues Kalmukos said he has seen in Idaho County, and Grangeville specifically, are water intrusion into the home, homes not built to code, and third, wood rot due to lack of moisture control.

“People have to remain engaged and educated,” he said. “Buying a home is the single largest purchase of our lives. Isn’t that pretty important?”

Kalmukos offers same or next day e-mailed reports which are detailed 30-plus pages. The report will spell out the condition of a home, roof to basement, list major and minor deficiencies and contractors to remedy them, as well as what to watch for, and home preservation tips.

In Kamiah, call Dean at 208-935-7790 or toll-free at 1-888-670-8128. In Lewiston call 208-790-1228. E-mail

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