BOISE – Idaho Department of Labor Director Jani Revier announced July 8 a new statewide model that she states will directly serve more Idahoans.

“We are bringing the Department of Labor to the citizens of rural Idaho. This is a new way to provide service, an Idaho way, that addresses the unique regional challenges that we face in our state,” said Revier. “We want to provide more Idahoans top-notch service when they need it, where they need it in order to help them get back to work and access the benefits they are entitled to.”

The new model modernizes how the department delivers services, focusing on increasing Idaho Labor’s presence while decreasing its physical footprint. After several months of transition, there will be six primary Idaho Labor regional offices in Post Falls, Lewiston, Caldwell, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Idaho Falls. Five affiliate offices will remain in Sandpoint, Orofino, Boise, Burley and Salmon. These 11 offices will offer walk-in services.

Additional locations will be decentralized, with Idaho Labor employees offering office hours and appointments in numerous communities in each region.

Director Revier developed a decentralized model with more flexibility than the traditional approach. It does not cut any employees or drop any services provided by the state. Idahoans can also expect consistency, with the same opportunity for service offerings in every region of the state.

“Accountability to Idahoans is at the heart of this model. It features more people providing better access using fewer taxpayer dollars,” Revier noted.

Idaho Labor Manager Dave Darrow is already rolling out the new model in Latah County. Idaho Labor will be empowering local teams like Darrow’s to design solutions that best serve their communities and are responsive to on-the-ground needs.

“This new approach has us out where we’re needed, as opposed to sitting behind a desk and waiting for citizens to find us,” Darrow said. “We have more flexibility in working with employers and more time in front of the actual labor force making a difference.”

Over the coming months, Idaho Labor teams will be working in rural communities to tailor a comprehensive service plan for each region.

In Grangeville, IDOL did not renew its lease at the East Main Street mini-mall location. The lease expires July 31.

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