Lorie Palmer and her dogs

Lorie Palmer with Boone (1 year old) and Crockett (1-1/2 years), Dec. 25, 2019.

Happy 2020!

Pine Tree Community Credit Union will hold its annual members lunch and business meeting Saturday, Jan. 25, with lunch at noon and the meeting at 1 p.m., at the Elks Lodge in Grangeville. RSVP ASAP at 208-983-1558.

Save the date for the annual Grangeville Youth Wrestling Crab Feed Feb. 14 and 15 at the Elks Lodge, 6 p.m., each night.

Well, it’s sad to see the Sunset Auto Vue drive-in screen go down in the windstorm. The last time this happened was in November of 2007. Everyone seems to love the drive-in so let’s hope it will be rebuilt. Thanks to Chris for offering such great family entertainment for the Camas Prairie!

We lost a front yard tree in the New Year’s Eve windstorm last week. Thankfully the dogs were inside, and it didn’t do much damage to the fence. And Val has it all chain-sawed up and in the wood stove or ready for the stove.

Have your doctor write a prescription for a dog. Seriously, it can save your life. The health benefits of pets have become increasingly recognized with living a longer and happier life. Studies show dogs reduce risk of death by 33 percent. In America, there are now 245 million pets!

SeniorLiving.org recently released a study on Pet Ownership in America after analyzing the latest data from the American Veterinary Medical Association through 2018.

Idaho ranks number 1 in dog ownership, with 58.3 percent of households having at least one dog. It ranks number 8 in cat ownership, with 33.3 percent of households having at least one cat.

Here are key national findings:

*Most popular pets: dogs (31.1 percent), fish (30.9 percent), cats (23.6 percent), chickens (6.2 percent), birds (3.1 percent), reptiles (2.4 percent), rabbits (.9 percent), horses (.8 percent), pet livestock (.7 percent) and ferrets (.2 percent).

*25.4 percent of U.S. households have at least one cat, and 38.4 percent have at least one dog.

*Fish are the fastest growing pet, seeing a 32 percent increase since 2011.

*Five biggest pet-owning states: Arkansas, Mississippi, Indiana, West Virginia and Nebraska.

*Five lowest pet-owning states: Maryland, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Illinois and New Jersey.

Do you want to know how my dogs are helping me live longer?

They kept me from eating 12-13 Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates recently.

I left my closed box of chocolates under the Christmas tree Dec. 30 — with many things piled on top of it. I went to work, and when I came home at lunch time, the box was dug out, opened and there were two distinct piles of wrappers on the living room floor.

I’m sure it was Boone who got them open; however, if I know little piggy, iron-gut Crockett, he got his share. The wrapper piles were pretty even.

I was so mad I did not tell anyone because I knew people would ask if I was going to take them to the vet and feel sorry for them! I will report there seem to have been no adverse effects. A few doggie smiles but no shame.

These are not the first dogs we have had eat a truckload of chocolate. Our old Pomeranian, Mighty, devoured about 30 Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses after dragging a locked candy dish under the bed, opening it, unwrapping each one and having a hey-day. He lived to age 22.

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